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KeePassDX (Android) + Syncthing to keep the file synchronized between devices.

I don’t usually open the file on PC, but there are clients for all platforms

No idea honestly, I guess it depends on your specific model… The best I can think is tying two together (they usually have a hanging hole on one end) and throwing it over your shoulder

That would be pretty awesome, I don’t know if that exists though. When I’m outside I just use layers, tbh, this is more of a “at home” or “at work” thing.

But if you don’t care too much about what other people think, you can directly throw it under your shirt, they are not that heavy

Honestly, 125km/h sounds like plenty. This monsters can travel in a straight line, so combined with good rail networks they should be more than enough for common travelling

I don’t know enough, and I’m sure that there are drawbacks. But if something is clear is that planes cannot be commonplace, but just an exception. If they are replaced by airships, great, but if not, we need to just get used to not travelling this much.

There are exceptions, of course, but they should be that: exceptions. And the same goes for cars

One similar to this:

The only “important” part is that it has a fabric exterior, so that the ice doesn’t “burn” you. But any is good.

Also, don’t over fill it, ice expands and can make it explode in the freezer

Some time ago I read an article on hot water bottles as personal heating/cooling systems, and it’s great:


Since the I bought one, and in hot weather I store it in the freezer / refrigerator (for those that have one)

Also, water cools when it evaporates, so a spray bottle and a hand or electric fan is an amazing combo: spray your face and the fan multiplies the effect.

Right now I’m using Markor on my phone and any text editor on my computer (Zettlr mostly). For syncronization, I recently started using Syncthing, and having a separate app for that is pretty great.

The only downside is that Syncthing is sometimes slow when detecting and propagating changes, but still worth a try.

IMHO, blogs are one of the few sources of original content left on the internet. A humble Android tablet with Readify gives me better and less addictive content than any “social network” or “mass media”.

And it’s on us to keep RSS popular and widespread, so they don’t kill it.

Someday I have to learn to use Inkscape properly. For now, it’s still awesome for toying around and small projects ♥♥♥

Toilets in the USA have a ridiculously hight water level, most of the bowl is filled with water. Thus, for example, the typical scene of bullies dunking a nerd upside down in the toilet. Here in Spain they would, at best, get a bit of water on his head, while there they are saking his whole head.

The “ball soaking” was a reference to a reddit thread about a man with huge ball that had to hold them not to soak them in the water. In a european toilet that’s basically impossible.

European here (spanish) and yes, this is the most common style here. I thought it was more widespread 😅

Knowing that you have weird windows is stranger than when I learnt about your “ball soaker” toilets. Like, WTF USA?

I do LGBT activism mostly. And recently I also joined my local Extinction Rebellion node.

This is the one I use, it’s on FDroid and pretty great

Same situation here, Manjaro for 4 years or so without issues. A couple of times the repo keys gave problems, but I always found the solution online quickly.

Avoid AUR as much as possible, and the system is quite stable, in my experience.

Amazing work!!! It’s great watching this community and the project grow. And at least for browsing, Jerboa seems like a great app!

Thanks for the great work ♥