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I’ll be here to shoot down every thing you post from now on shill:)

If he pulls all the fanboys over there and out of where I hang out, I would support this.

I never could understand why the FSF has such a boner for copyright and the infinite legal minutia surrounding it. Every developer out there is just pulling this code at will, has NEVER read the license, nor cares about it a single bit. Yet, the contributing FAQ they put out revolves solely around copyright and attribution issues? Let me go out on a limb and say that copyright and attribution are definitely NOT the actual frequently asked questions that contributors have.

Thanks, I’ll look into getting one up then.

Maybe not completely on-topic, but I wanted to ask what sort of resource requirements a Lemmy instance requires. I have a Kubernetes cluster I run for my business, so if it is not too heavy, I may be able to put an instance up with my excess resources. Thanks.

Snowden was the kickoff for me. Once I saw how the NSA was collecting virtually all internet data, storing it in Utah for future decryption efforts, I knew we actually lived in 1984 times. Assange also had a strong impact, demonstrating that the free speech “protections” of liberal democracies were empty lies.