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There are some remakes of old linux themes over at the B00merang project website https://b00merang.weebly.com/desktop-themes.html . Probably not what you had in mind though.

complete abolishment of animal agriculture is not done overnight with in one fell swoop. It’s done with small changes here and there. Slowly forging a new culture where it is considered worse and worse to treat animals badly. (and what counts as animal abuse will start covering more and more things). Slowly changing the norm. Same goes for privacy, user rights, etc. There are of course some key moments, watershed moments, legislations (GDPR for example), but those had a long journey of tiny steps all over the world before they came into being. Sort of like tectonic plates building up tension over tens, hundreds, thousands of years before they snap into place in one huge earthquake

I see others have written a large amount of information so I’ll just stick with a short bulletlist of the main go to distros IMHO. (replace Gnome suggestions with XFCE for example if you want more lightweight and classic OS, but not optimized for touch)

  • Fedora (with Gnome)
  • Manjaro (with Gnome)
  • Ubuntu
  • Elementary OS

That’s exactly the reason why I switched to Gnome. If someone would give me an axe and tell me to chop down a tree in 6 hours I would spend 18 hours sharpening the axe and forget about the tree. Whenever I try KDE, XFCE and others I will spend days adjusting things to my liking while on Gnome I just start working. Sometimes something bothers me on Gnome and I will either just install an extension, or realize it’s impossible to adjust it and I just go back to work.

can’t spell China without CIA

I was a huge user of LittleSnitch on Mac back in the days so this makes me very happy

This site is my bible. I’ve been meaning to start hosting my website from home as my country is 100% renewable energy. Still haven’t gotten around to it though but I hope to do so soon. Thanks for posting this as it’s always good to be reminded about this cool project.

Doesn’t cover tiling wm’s but Phoronix did an interesting benchmark on gaming performance on kde vs gnome (and wayland vs x11) recently. That at least indicates that between those options the DE does not matter. https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=ubuntu2110-wayland-xorg&num=1

I also like to think of it this way. Even if Mastodon gets “centralized” we will at least not have a hard barrier forcing us to only use that centralized instance. If that centralized instance fucks up, there is at least always the possibility to create and join a new instance. Without the risk of losing contact with all the people on the old instance.

If Facebook fucks up, we can’t spin up a new facebook instance.

I don’t mind “soft centralization” as long as it allows for decentralization.

First step would probably be to stop calling them normies.

Well I am referring to the social ecosystem of Linux rather than its code. How the social ecosystem will respond to this can obviously affect code if that’s the thing you are mostly focusing on. I mean for example if shitload of assholes inside the community harass a trans person for being trans then there’s a good chance that person will say “fuck it” and leave. Which would potentially negatively impact the projects said person was involved in.

If we manage to get over this threshold as a community then that can lead to great things. Just like with anything else you don’t really want to put the eggs in one basket. The more diverse the underlying community is, the stronger it becomes, and in my opinion, will increase code and communication quality greatly. I guess there’s a similarity between this and decentralization in software like Lemmy. ;)

If you want some more “direct connection” to code quality, then I could imagine that being stuck “in the closet” can really fuck up your mental health, which could result in bad code. so finally going through that step could potentially result in a lot better code quality.

But I guess what I really want to say is the following: Linux is more than just code

Well, Linux and its distro’s are more than just software. It’s a community, it’s a ecosystem, and it’s something that is greatly affected by the people who create it. Huge news in the personal lifes of some of our creators does often affect its development in one way or another IMHO.

This is the case of every 3rd party spotify client as far as i know, as the functionality on Spotify’s end needed for a 3rd party client to function is paywalled.

Slight nitpicking, sorry. But do note that EU does not equal Europe. The European Union covers a decent portion of Europe though but not all countries. To complicate things though there are complex deals between countries so often these laws also do go through local parliaments and get implemented in one way or another.

yeah, that’s the thing with security and privacy, you often have to sacrifice convenience for those two. The reason messages don’t get sent is because there is no server in between to send the messages. But in the case of signal the messages get sent to the server and then wait there for the other person to come online. So right now IMHO for a lot of people Signal is the best/least bad we can realistically use (at least in the context I live in). But Matrix is coming closer and closer, and I am looking forward to it.