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hay una moneda que no te servirá para pagar en internet a una tienda cualquiera, pero que sí puede servir para usar de intercambio entre comunidades que quieran usar monedas sociales. https://g1-monedalibre.org/

el faircoin fue un intento de hacer algo así, pero se fue a la mierda por jugar a hacer el capitalista en medio del mercado y por mal lideraje.

This, assuming you self-host the other-host way, that is, hiring a vps and alike. Don’t centralize the internet to commercial data-centers yet, please

Thank you for all the sources. I’ve just finished reading them. Those tell me that they look to have good intentions, but don’t reply to the fact that their “encrypted cloud chats” mean “we store all your content encrypted but we keep the key for you”, and essentially: “we won’t look at it”.

However, they really can look at it. And at some point, Durov will change his mind, will die, will go bankrupt and sell all the databases, or maybe not. But you can’t rely on this “maybe not” when we are talking about privacy or security (imo privacy is just a subset of security)

I’m sorry to disagree. Matrix and Signal both offer end to end encrypted group chats, while telegram has done zero progress on this issue since it launched, that is before signal was even born from textsecure, chatsecure and redphone.

Telegram even did not open source their server code nor offer to federate. Worse than Signal. And finally, if you review their changelog, they just focus on addictive features: animations, glitter and “rounded edges” so to speak. This and a ton of minor usability improvements that make it super slick to use.

For me, Telegram is the new Twitter and the new Whatsapp, all together. With zero encription on server side. How far is the time when some data leak or theft happens? How far until all this huge chat history is used for data mining, marketing profilation, and finally, for violence against minorities or activists?