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I personally don’t want to, I’m not good with children

I also used a habits tracker (a bare bones app I found on f-droid) to track things I wanna do consistently like waking up early in the morning or going out on bike rides

I limited my use of social media to 30min per day (used a time limit app to enforce it), it helped me regulate my time, having more time in the day to do stuff and going to bed early and waking up earlier

yeah, it’s not like windows is better, it’s just what came with the pc and people got used to it

I think it’s important to consider it, because it totally will be used for cases like that if allowed

This algorithm creates missing data that fits the original image, but there are many different possibilities that can fit it. This can lead to false accusations if, for example, it is used to find a match in security footage. Here’s an example of the system creating a completely different face that fits the original image https://twitter.com/notlewistbh/status/1432936600745431041

This is really interesting, I particularly liked the humane stack part.

I was thinking I didn’t like the direction nautilus was taking, thunar looks nice, I’ll give it a try