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I wish they had made the pm.me domain completely free instead :-)) I find it really cool but it is not quite worth the money for pro. I already have a tutanota paid account and I dont need two encrypted email inboxes to be honest :-D

Never gone for me either! Also the best solution for archiving mail offline. Good community plugins. I was and remain a big fan of Thunderbird and I’m happy to hear it might make a comeback in the mainstream.

Had a look a tvdb… full of annoying ads…

I use email a lot both privately and professionally. I don’t think it’s obsolete at all. In email, I still adhere to several formalities (like Dear… and signing my name etc) which is I think a nice tradition and I also pay more attention to correct grammar and punctuation, full sentences etc. I think it should be kept as a channel of more formal correspondance. It is also decentralised by design which is great. With a few updated standards, strong e2e encryption could be built into the email infrastructure by default. I hope we will reach this at some point

I set it up with Postfix and it’s running rock solid for a year now. But as a newbie to email hosting, it took me months to configure DMARC, DKIM, rDNS and all that stuff. I am actually running it on a dynamic IP and relaying outgoing mails through my domain provider to avoid blacklists. Works very well for me!

If you have a dedicated rpi4 for this, maybe you want to have a look at mail-in-a-box?


I haven’t tried it myself, but it uses almost the same components that I individually set up for my own server…

I think we’ve been trolled with this article - it didn’t make a clear point at all, completely unclear about why this is only about conferences for example. Included a lot of buzzwords from the rampant twitter cancel-culture that a lot of us want to get away from. The author even admits having posted it misleadingly so more people would read it. And the trick worked on me, it’s still on top of my feed. Please let’s not do this here.

Unfortunately, the UK has a terrible track record with privacy. I guess the architecture has to be good

Maybe the 2xcomment was just a one time thing… thanks for the response!! 👍

Also, something is up with the time zones I guess because my freshly posted comments show up as ‘posted 1 hour ago’

where can I file bug reports? For me, links won’t open at all. Also, when commenting, I have to manually close the keyboard before I can hit “post” and then the comment gets sent twice :-))

Science news reports a COVID-19 outbreak in the gorilla population at the San Diego Zoo.

Guys, I use and love both XMPP and Matrix however I don’t see masses adopting them in fact I can’t even convince my immediate family to use them. People want reliable push notifications and cute stickers :-) I think Signal is a good compromise, I know it’s US based (I discuss this in the post) however it’s zero knowledge. The code is open source if there were vulnerabilities we would probably know by now…

The age of Signal has come
Recent intrusive changes in the privacy policy of WhatsApp (including the sharing of never before seen amounts of unencrypted user data with the parent company Facebook) have prompted a mass exodus of WhatsApp users to the secure and open-source alternative Signal. I have been hoping for a change like this for years. I wrote a non-technical blog post about the problems with WhatsApp in detail, comparing the advantages and disadvantages of other messaging apps as well. https://output.ilonagabor.de/general/2021/01/11/Signal.html