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How about we enact privacy laws that protect the users?

Trying another instance might be a good idea. If you have problems on the other instance then you know it’s a BW problem and maybe file a bug report. But don’t give up on BW! It’s a pretty neat piece of software that the fediverse needs.

I was able to import my library from Goodreads without much issues. After that it was pretty straightforward.

I agree. I was listening to a podcast where a couple of journalist were saying how they hated twitter, but they felt they needed it to promote their work. As you said, this type of thinking is dumb and dangerous.

Yes. I would definitely throw some money their way.

I know it’s not a unique thought, but I think advances in A.I. in all areas is going to be a game changer.

Yes, for Pixelfed. in the future they plan on making features so the site can be used as art portfolio. Even though I think it can be used now for that.

Unfortunately, “gentlemen agreements” in business don’t work and never has. Even with friends. Cassidy is a part owner in the company and will still have owner rights whether he’s drawing a paycheck or not. It doesn’t look like there are any written agreements in place to say otherwise.

I downloaded and fooled around with it. The interface is a little too busy for my liking. I’ve been using Zim for a long time and it suits my needs.

Not OP, but for me the most difficult would be google maps. our family travels a lot on the weekends, and I become extremely dependent on maps.

Tax write off.

But it really does benefit Adobe & Epic to show support for Blender. Blender users use Adobe to make 2d textures and they also make assets for Epic games. (As mention by another)