GPL will protect us

fsck proprietery and big brother garbage. All my homies use libre and decentralized stuff.

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Because I don’t have one ;-) my only social media are Lemmy and Mastodon. I follow some subreddits with infinity without login

Anyone know how to get internet connection for waydroid on arch

My only social media 🥰

I never had a reddit account but I was checking r/privacy, r/degoogle, etc through Slide app. Then I found out about Lemmy

+1 for Mull. I use bromite as a secondery browser

Arch… Because # of pakages available and I know what packages are installed on the system

Firejail question
How to give temporary file access permision to a sanboxed package in runtime?

Fingerprint.js is a fingerprinting service provider. So why do they care about privacy?

my guess is someone have tried to print an encrypted pdf !

Actually I don’t know what this is

Actually I don’t know what this is. found this on the backside of a handwritten bill

However android runs on top of linux kernel, which makes lineage os is a linux distro

Actually I have no idea about this trend. but last night, my mind told me to do this :3

AFIAK uBlock origin in advanced mode can do the same thing as uMatrix

anyways, why uMatrix. I think now uBlock origin have everything and up-to date

Is there any repo I can find IceRaven browser. really tired of manually downloading apk from github