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They dropped SMS support despite it being incredibly important. Disagree with a lot of decisions of the dev, like how they’re anti decentralization, anti distribution to FOSS platforms like fdroid or flathub, and adding crypto crap on top of that.

If you’ve been on Matrix long enough, you’ll see rooms get mercilessly raided. Often multiple rooms at once. It’s a very common complaint amongst admins.

Here I am waiting for the big p2p update as well. I really like the direction Matrix is going. Moderation still needs a lot of work in the short term though, as it’s a pretty big issue currently. Moderation is also extra challenging given it’s decentralized as well.

Per-user, not really. But on the scale of reaching the global audience, that small privacy improvement really adds up. The privacy-aware have long since been able to disable/delete their ad tracking ID which is essentially all this does anyways, but they were always a very small and negligible impact to the overall profits of these ad-tracking companies.

Just curious, have you used Wine before? This comment comes off as really ignorant as to just how compatible Wine really is. You can run a lot of the major proprietary tools like Photoshop on Linux with ease.

Lunduke is not credible whatsoever. Not to mention a straight up terrible person.

The signal server thing is true, you can check the Github commit history to verify.

With Techlore, him and Graphene have matrix communities and Graphene has an extremely toxic community that goes into Techlore a lot to cause drama. Not to mention the Graphene creator attacks various people all the time, obviously including Techlore. You can see Techlore’s video for examples.

I’m not sure what you mean by they’re influencing fans. Virtually all communication is influencing others. Techlore has no motivation to bad talk Graphene for no reason, as they have no competition. He’s a YouTuber, and they’re a free android OS.

I have to lean myself off of social media for news. I’m transitioning to just getting all my news off of RSS feeds, which I subscribe to various sites that I trust.

Open sourcing your game only makes sense years past it stops selling.

They honestly should be looking at their hosting costs. There’s probably a lot of costs they can cut down and a lot of unused resources. Their services aren’t really demanding, and their membership fees should be able to cover 60 users.

You don’t self-host a CDN. The CDN is hosting around the world so users connect to closer servers.

It doesn’t. I see it mentioned everywhere literally non-stop.