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Pretty sure investigators have other means to get that information, depending how bad they want to make an example out of KF. KF for a while had its purpose of being digital blackshirts, but when they swatted that senator and the whole business in Ireland they just took it too far.

Kitty is real mad, this is c/bossfights material.

Trick is to instead of put dishes in the sink, you bring dishes to the sink to wash. Eat then wash. No dish build up. Downside, you might catch yourself doing this at someone else’s house you’re a guest at and piss them off.

Back when I was in high school in the stone ages of the early 00s it was already running into trouble, and by the time I was in college for anything major-specific it was too broad or (as I said) oversimplifying concepts, so a bit of a risk, few lecturers by professors to the class on such things went students pointed it out. Anything research or even grad lvl it was totally and utterly useless. Still makes me roll eyes on some pages in the current year.

I don’t want to self-dox by specifying area, we’ll broadly say something in the life sciences that’s both highly specialized yet very interdepartmental. Idk the case for other specialties or areas, I’d imagine they’d have similar issues, perhaps not as terrible as the 2010s but still not good. For most laypeople, the intended audience of encyclopedias, this is probably acceptable. For true in-depth knowledge, there are no shortcuts.

Thought of another good one, for non-technical surface-level knowledge Wikipedia isn’t that great about foreign film information.

Few years ago quite a few CN films had bad propaganda-vandalism going on, notably Kalil Blues (thankfully been fixed, beautiful movie). Some wiki entries were as if whoever wrote them had never seen the film in the first place. Said films were so that regardless of language barrier anyone on 21st earth could shut off subtitles, maybe even picture in more dramatic cases, and tell what was written on the Wiki was not what the film was about. Did we watch the same movie?

You’d think the baseline for an encyclopedia would be at least that, but most people I know of for emergency purposes simply truncate the arts and media sections all together. It’s gotten better over the last few years there was well (controlling edits I’d suspect) or at least having entries in the first place.

Another more mundane film example would be a lot of Cantinflas’ films on the English wiki aren’t quite correct (last time I checked was a year ago, was curious about one of the actors) on events within the movie or famous lines/dialogue. Could be a case of randos altering according to memory alone, which we can all admit has its shortfalls.

I thought this was old hat, even when I was in school we were also told not to use Wikipedia as a source since nearly anyone can edit it and their credentials could be suspect, therefore the information could be as well.

Some areas have gotten a lot more scrutiny and are better than they used to be but are still bad (ex history and politics as others mentioned).

Science stuff on there is still rather superficial and over-simplifies a whole lot (issue that was there say 10yrs ago), but its a lot more branched out than it used to be.

For internet doomsday scenarios wikipedia is a nice rough reference rather than a definitive guide, it was never meant for the latter as an encyclopedia. It’d be a poor call to teach off it alone vs dedicated websites or various textbooks and so on.

Cats and dogs have the same tactic. Imo the best is when they start looking cute as they’re actively doing something naughty, like taking food off a human plate while they’re turned away. My aunt’s dog is a legend at it.

Because we do. Nice to have a break from the boring western standard and all its brain worms.

It already was when and where you can, not for that reason though, that’s too short-sighted. I see reddit mass banning all sorts of subs in the near future for profits, but I think it’ll still be the place to go for say technical questions or silly cat pictures unfortunately.

This is not really a recipe, its more of a generalized bad-for-health cooking hack, add an extra pinch of salt and to meats, if you dare, some MSG in place of some salt.

Georgian eggplant rolls right now, but instead of the real way with walnuts or homemade soft cheese I drain some cottage cheese or tofu with nutritional yeast as ‘cheese’, whatever’s cheaper that day and roll away. Not as good as with walnuts but a fraction of the price and still good.

80 with 97% accuracy. When I was in high school I was in the low 100s, wonder if its age slowing me down, or not typing as much combined with carpel tunnel

I tend to stress myself out about not being able to sleep, since I really enjoy my sleep, and that leads to a vicious cycle. I normally wake up at 6AM and go to bed around 9P, but in the past year or two since developing insomnia who knows when I sleep and I usually wake up around 9A if I do sleep. I once went a week without sleeping at all. I’ve lately been having some good luck with rest and tend to get 5hrs or so, vs the 1-2 I was getting for almost a year.

I try not to eat later than 3pm, I’ve noticed some connection between food and ability to sleep, the later I have my last meal of the day the harder it is for me to sleep at night. I’m also afraid of caffeine now and I don’t have any past noon if I do at all.

Biggest mental thing that’s helped me is realizing most bodies will eventually fall asleep when they’re ready, and even if I got 0 or just 1 hr of sleep it’ll be ok, my body just didn’t want sleep that night. I won’t be as mentally sharp but I can still try to do challenging things in my day on my lil hr of sleep.

If I don’t fall asleep after 20-30min of lying around I’ll get up and go do something, like read something simple on my phone (in black and white mode) in a chair or play a very mindless game like cards.

Sounds like nostalgia there, I remember around 2006 old reddit was a lot like 4chan, where link Russian roulette was seriously a thing, and I saw things I wish I never did on what seemed like a harmless thread. Reddit’s always had a shady, icky layer to me. There’s also the mass, thoughtless consumerism that doesn’t help things along.

I suppose lack of retro gaming discussion is simply because of amount of users, as the site grows I 100% expect it to be made and created. I’ve noticed a lot of comrades like Oblivion for some reason (I personally love modding it like one of those train sets models people spend years on). On emus a rom community perhaps?