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Everyone should get a platform to spread their views/propaganda :)

With user joined to ~30 rooms with ~200 users (average), and none of them is of the order of Matrix HQ, following is the ps aux output (sixth column is RSS, physical memory in use in KiBs) on a 4G RAM VPS (2 cores), which also hosts XMPP, gitea, fossil-scm, et. al. services. I used to run it all by itself on 2G RAM VPS, but consolidated ~2 months ago:

postgres 29897   0.0  3.7  191284 153736  -  Ss    2Jul21     28:15.26 postgres: synapse synapse  (postgres)
postgres 37308   0.0  3.7  191284 153264  -  Ss    2Jul21     27:54.09 postgres: synapse synapse  (postgres)
synapse  45418   0.0  9.0 1246748 375220  -  Ss    2Jul21   2264:01.80 /usr/local/bin/python3.8 -m synapse.app.homeserver --daemonize -c /usr/local/etc/matrix-synapse/homeserver.yaml
postgres 45433   0.0  3.7  191284 153096  -  Ss    2Jul21     28:21.45 postgres: synapse synapse  (postgres)
postgres 46529   0.0  3.7  191284 153644  -  Ss    2Jul21     28:06.31 postgres: synapse synapse  (postgres)
postgres 47450   0.0  3.7  191284 153972  -  Ss    2Jul21     28:16.65 postgres: synapse synapse  (postgres)
postgres 47929   0.0  3.7  191284 152948  -  Ss    2Jul21     28:20.01 postgres: synapse synapse  (postgres)
postgres 48024   0.0  3.7  196404 153296  -  Ss    2Jul21     28:22.18 postgres: synapse synapse  (postgres)
postgres 54977   0.0  3.7  191284 153656  -  Ss    2Jul21     28:16.74 postgres: synapse synapse  (postgres)
postgres 55034   0.0  3.7  191284 153468  -  Ss    2Jul21     28:20.01 postgres: synapse synapse  (postgres)
postgres 74852   0.0  3.7  191284 153328  -  Ss    2Jul21     28:10.76 postgres: synapse synapse  (postgres)

Disk Usage (media) is 1.6G, and load average is ~0.33

It can be tuned further, but didn’t spend time on it so far. Although 2 years ago, I could not run it on 2G RAM VPS. Federation traffic kept DoSing the server, once you join any room. Lately, situation has improved a lot.

The room does not live on one server in particular. So, if server A is blocked, then one can still participate in the same room through a different server B.

Anyway. hopefully the dendrite server can solve this problem, hosting that hog of server is costly.

Lately Synapse has been pretty light on resources, and performant, and being actively developed reference implementation has its perks. Hopefully Dendrite, Conduit, et. al. will catch up, but Matrix in general is not as lightweight as XMPP, due to former’s focus on being able to evade censorship

In .IN seems like current rate of infections is ~39,000

Is it like a self-hosted Signal fork? Or just another walled garden that doesn’t require using phone numbers?

For more flexibility, you can try with OS’s support for that, e.g. Linux network namespaces, or setfib(1) in FreeBSD. AFAIK, there is nothing in Wireguard to do that other than what’s possible with routing.

You can adjust what traffic you wish to send over wireguard by adjusting allowed-ips peer attribute (assuming you’re using wg-quick), e.g. if you only wish to send your lemmy.ml traffic over wireguard tunnel, then get the IP address(es) associated with lemmy.ml DNS name, and add them to allowed-ips attribute of your wireguard peer (in your local configuration), while removing the default route from there. With this reconfiguration tunnel, you will now have route(s) to lemmy.ml going over wireguard while rest of the traffic going via the default route. You can keep appending more routes to allowed-ips over time, and reloading tunnel configuration.