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I don’t worry about the DXY when transacting in dollars. The exchange-value isn’t what I’m after. I’m after the hardest, best money.

because we have the most well-funded propaganda apparatus in the history of forever

land is a primary factor of production. the producers basically rent from the state which owns all land. And even still, who owns and controls key sectors of the economy? who controls the towering heights? is it the capitalist class? or the Party? lol

I realized that my involvement in the tech sector would help to automate jobs and thus worsen the living standards of the precariat under the irrational system of private ownership of the means of production

full time UX designer (would love to help contribute to Lemmy)

as a UX designer I maintain that fediverse silos could be partially mitigated with new product features which could allow users to participate more in other communities, I hope this isn’t a permanent phenomenon and i hope it’s solved soon