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I for one choose not to believe that the only opinion is the one stated by an authoritarian regime

okay, then don’t listen to the state. read the “evidence” yourself, look at the data and see that it is straight up bullshit. some things are outright lies & others are completely misunderstood and misrepresented data. when you crunch the numbers it is abundantly clear the “genocide” is not ocurring. seriously. do the calculations.

or, you could listen to people who actually live there. and if you don’t trust those people, how about non-chinese tourists who go to xinjiang? there are plenty of videos of people walking around.

i would say perhaps you would understand more if you went to 新疆维吾尔自治区 but it appears you are an anarchist so i don’t see you being able to separate the idea of china in your head from the real china. that name up there reads “xinjiang uighur autonomous region”, by the way. an autonomous region has different legislative power than a province. they also are required in xinjiang to have higher offices held by uighurs. so i think they would know better than some anarchist what is best for them.

what do you say about the fact that the us state department attorneys have said the isn’t evidence of genocide??

then just use the “subscribed” tab and not “all” or “local”. that way you’re not “wading through” anything. you can set it to automatically default to subscribed in your settings.

for anyone reading that definition of tankie, i will provide some education:

“Stalinism” is not a thing.

to the hilt, even in cases where other communists criticise their policies or actions.

this is 100% false. “tankies” absolutely have criticisms of socialists states. but 1) they are just criticisms, not those based on false propaganda 2) are not shared aloud around liberals because liberals latch on to a single thing as if it is evidence that proves every one of their wrong thoughts

Some of the people round George W Bush used to be left-wing, but they haven’t really changed their views much; they were mostly tankies.


We shouldn’t have to be concerned about this will be gab.

this won’t become gab precisely because there is no “free speech”. allowing “free speech” means that you allow things that are destructive and oppressive and the moderators & admins rightfully won’t allow that. that’s a good thing.

Believing and spreading propaganda denying current and genocides of the past, posting things like “defeat israel”, defending russia and china, pushing misnifnormation and propaganda in the dictatorship of Belarus’s favour and even supporting north korea.

you are the one believing in & spreading propaganda. the people here encourage each other to look past propaganda & listen to the people of the countries and people who understand the actual systems of those countries, instead of taking CIA propaganda and automatically thinking it is true.

for anyone reading this, let’s use the DPRK (north korea) as an example. you hear that it is a dictatorship. but that falls down immediately when you figure out how their government actually works. kim jong-un is not even the president! he is also not the premier (arguably the “top” of the three “top” positions in the government)! he is in charge of the military and the worker’s party (which is a position he is elected to). and about that, there are three political parties, by the way. and a worker can run as an “independent”. two-ish years ago there was an interview with a young man who lives in the DPRK. he said that he votes for kim and nearly everyone he knows does because they think he truly is the best person for the job.

see? once you start reading about the way things actually work, you realize that what you have read is not merely misleading but outright false.

Lemmy is just the gab of the left but as an alternative to reddit so they can spread their stuff.

this doesn’t make any sense. if we were simply trying to “spread our stuff” we would be on reddit doing so.

I’ll actively work against Lemmy and it’s developers

i had been polite to you but after this i say: good fucking riddance.

this is so horrible. the article brings up right to repair and obviously there is the issue of privacy so i won’t comment on those but i’d like to bring up another issue present in these cases: misogyny. it is no accident that the photographs that were published without conset belonged to a woman. yes, men have also been victims of this, there is no doubt about that. but men feeling like they own women’s bodies and that they need to violate women’s autonomy for sexual or even humiliation purposes (sometimes nudes are published as “punishment”) is an issue we cannot forget to address.

so only the two ends of the spectrum, communists and fascists aren’t, libs?

for the purpose of calling people libs on the internet, yes. reality is more nuanced.

doesn’t it mean “individual rights and freedoms” a bad thing

yes. individualism is a tool of the bourgeoisise. communists want “everything for the masses”.

if you need/want to browse reddit for some reason you can use teddit or libreddit. both have no javascript or ads and make all requests through the backend. libreddit also has active onion instances.

okay so american “liberals” and “conservatives” are libs. “centrists” are libs. social democrats are libs. people who believe in things like “individual rights and freedoms” are libs. hence why anarchists are sometimes called libs - they are individualists & idealists.

damn. i’m sorry you have had that experience.

i use it daily. latency is only an issue if you are one of the world’s top players in an online multiplayer (and if you are, you own a crazy expensive rig that doesn’t need to stream anyway), or if you have poor/slow internet connection. otherwise, it is perfectly fine, even for “casual” competitive use in those types of games.

fuck domain flipping.

i accidentally typed .com instead of .org for a site a few days ago and the domain name was being sat on… with a purchase price of $15,000!!! like wth

have you considered changing the colors on that site? the contrast in the links vs the text isn’t very high and it is difficult to read all the text with the background. i can’t help but wonder if a light theme that was #000 on #fff and a dark theme that was the opposite (with prefer browser theme rule) would be better for accessibility? just a thought. ☺

from the majority opinion (written by barrett):

To top it all off, the Government’s interpretation of the statute would attach criminal penalties to a breathtaking amount of commonplace computer activity…If the “exceeds authorized access” clause criminalizes every violation of a computer-use policy, then millions of otherwise law-abiding citizens are criminals. Take the workplace. Employers commonly state that computers and electronic devices can be used only for business purposes. So on the Government’s reading of the statute, an employee who sends a personal e-mail or reads the news using her work computer has violated the CFAA. Or consider the Internet. Many websites, services, and databases—which provide “information” from “protected computer[s],” §1030(a)(2)©—authorize a user’s access only upon his agreement to follow specified terms of service. If the “exceeds authorized access” clause encompasses violations of circumstance-based access restrictions on employers’ computers, it is difficult to see why it would not also encompass violations of such restrictions on website providers’ computers. And indeed, numerous amici explain why the Government’s reading of subsection (a)(2) would do just that—criminalize everything from embellishing an online-dating profile to using a pseudonym on Facebook.