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openTTD is fun if you want to harrass an abstraction of a city

low mods minetest, condemed to pacific minecraft, that is, until i find mese

im gonna split the sentences to ease reading:

first of all, as i understand hoverboard is a board that hovers over the ground and that is used like a skateboard. tomo tawa supa describes a room that moves and is somehow related to flat horizontal surfaces, a better way to describe a hoverboard might be supa tawa instead
EDIT: i read hoverboard instead of hovercraft, my bad, tomo tawa telo/tomo tawa lon sewi works perfectly then.

tomo tawa supa mi pi lon sewi li jo e kala linja mute mute
without context, i would interpret the “lon” in “pi lon sewi” as a modifier instead of a preposition, the phrase is understandable anyways, so, pona.

kala linja mute mute li lon insa pi tomo tawa supa mi pi lon sewi
personally, i’m not a fan of recursive anything in toki pona, I would connect the “pi lon sewi” to the “insa”, the phrase is understandable so, pona.

tomo tawa mi pi tawa kepeken kon li jo e kala linja mute lon insa ali ona
“pi tawa kepeken kon” feels redundant, to me, that is, “supa tawa mi kepeken kon li jo e …” feels understandable to me, but it could be put under discussion.
“lon insa ali ona” i would not understand without an explanation, this form is pona ala.

kala linja (mute) li lon tomo tawa telo mi
this one is really concise and understandable, absolute pona a.

what motivates that claim is a specific kind of cases where the abortion because of the disability and no other factor.

that claim is referring to cases where someone wants a child, and gets pregnant, and when they’re told that the child is autistic or has down syndrome they back down and no longer want them. That’s ableist.

that situation is different from an unplanned pregnancy.

a step in the right direction would be to have infrastructure that accommodates for mobility disabilities, education about parenting would be good as well

sometimes, thing have to be enjoyed in bits to be enjoyable at all

mute mute mute mute luka luka luka tu tu

all four were caused by imperialism in general and 2/4 were caused by the USA specifically thats so fucked up

they are the favorite seasonal fruit here in vzla. in my town every 3 houses theres a mango tree. we both are biased