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Google refuses to respect a robots.txt here, seems awful naive to assume they will respect a 503 response or retry-after header.

Similarly naive to assume there’s no ddos mitigation in front of sourcehut, given that Drew explained why he allows the proxy traffic through unabated.

To then take that naive assumption and leap off it to conclusions about the production readiness of alpha software is some wild FUD.

Meanwhile the Rohingya turned on Facebook much earlier than just the last year.

…that’s the opposite of a liberal tendency. Liberalism is what gave us free speech, and modern liberals are pretty tolerant of fash speech. Which is the real problem because deplatforming works.

My favorite reason is the conspiracy theory that systemd is a CIA op.

The world starts making a lot more sense once you accept that mainstream anglo international relations are almost entirely based in projection.

His heart’s in the right place (with much needed self-criticism regarding super regressive shit he’s put out in the world) in general, but when it comes to free software there’s the incredibly relevant problem of his unwillingness to recognize the contribution of women to the field and FOSS in particular. In an 07 interview:

I don’t have any experience working with women in programming projects; I don’t think that any volunteered to work on Emacs or GCC.

That was bullshit then, and it’s bullshit now, and if you don’t think you can trace a straight line from that sort of shit to the over-representation of cis white men in tech idk what to tell you.

Between that and the decades of interpersonal harassment that many women experienced at MIT, sorrynotsorry he’s not redeemable at least when it comes to being a worthy representative.

Are you saying there isn’t a misogyny/gender/whatever problem in tech, particularly in the (f)oss world?

To me, the ideology stuff is related, but not really what I’m mad about. For sure it’s important to establish that the letter to the fsf is cynical, but the real relevant information here to me is that all these shitlords that we’ve canonized fucking suck.

If you write a deep dive into osi/fsf ideological differences I’d definitely link to it, it’s the thinnest part of my post.

I’m so confused about how those two dots connect, but for the record fuck Bill Maher and fuck sinophobia.

1000% agreed.

My rationale above is why I’m not signing the OSI’s open letter. But RMS needs to go, there’s no way in hell you’ll see my signature on the other one. So I wrote my own.

Pointing out toxic behavior is not toxic behavior.

It is when the folks doing it are doing so out of bad faith. Nearly half the authors of the OP are OSI/Debian folks, and I haven’t seen a single one of them call out Raymond or Perens for the nearly-identical misogyny they’re shedding crocodile tears over in this letter. Both of them were in leadership positions at the OSI more recently than Stallman at the FSF (until this week I guess).

RMS needs to go, but I will not put my name on their cooption of feminism in service of a long-held grudge towards the FSF.

This mirrors my thoughts exactly. I was going to sign it until I saw that nearly half the authors are OSI/Debian folks.