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I use fastmail with several different domains associated.

  • Personal email shared with friends and family
  • Professional email - not my work but the one associated with my Linkedin and such

I have a custom domain just for signing up to online services. For me, this domain is completely separate and I never use it for anything else. Like nachtigall, I use a naming scheme and a catch-all address. My naming scheme uses their domain plus a random bit like so, twitter.6cruzbms@mydomain.tld.

There are two main benefits to using such a scheme imo. First, it’s harder for data aggregators to collate and cross reference me across the web by using an email address. Second, it acts as a hacked canary and it’s easy to identify the source of suspicious or problematic emails.

At this time I store them in my password manager (keepass) but I get what you’re saying. You’d only need the recovery key if you lost access to your password.

Something to improve for sure.

Congratulations! I hope to join you soon! Biggest thing blocking me ATM is YouTube. Not only do I follow some content creators but I have some videos that I want to download and host some other way. Peertube feels like a hard thing to self host.

In my experience, the applications on Mac just feel a little more polished. I believe it’s reasonable to think that an application like syncthing should run as a system service. I’d expect to be able to go into the application settings and poke around until I found the “start on boot” checkbox.

The point I’m trying to make (not well probably!) is that the very flexibility that Linux users love about Linux is the thing that prevents the OS from being adopted by the masses. All the flexibility and all the options means there are trade offs in usability. Yes there are approximately 1 million distros and everyone can probably find the distro that’s just right for them but having 1 million options is overwhelming and intimidating for an average computer user.

Anyhoo, that’s just my dumb opinion so take it or leave it. I like that we’re using an OS that’s not adopted by the masses.

I’m a relatively new Linux user and I’m coming from the Apple echo system. If you want to understand why the Linux Desktop is not been adopted by the masses, go look at the instructions for making syncthing automatically start on Linux. I love syncthing so I’m not talking shit about the application here.

Imo you can’t really. If someone is interested then you can offer to help them but i find that most people simply do not care.

I recently decided to divest from the apple ecosystem and nearly all my friends and family are imessage users. I invited most to join me on signal and a lot did.

Its more than juat avoiding targeted ads. These companies sell your data to 3rd party brokers. From there your data can be collected and collated in various ways. Recently, there’s the case of the priest who was outted because he was using grindr and some investigative journalists were able to de-anon his information using not only grindr data but data from other sources.

Additionally, the police will buy information from.these data brokers for the same reason and my understanding is those requests are not really under the same rules and laws as monitoring people directly.