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Esim automatically downloaded itself.
I used Calyx with an esim. I switch over to Graphene to try it and decided to keep Calyx as my OS. When I chose to set up an esim, it was automatically installed. How is this possible? I flashed two different OS, how did they manage to sent me, my esim?

OK got it. I set it for 4k.

Also, does vlc play 4k HDR?

My TV supports Dolby vision and HDR. Will playing through my PC (vlc - linux mint) get the benefits or should I continue using hard drives plugged directly on the TV?

I have a 4k TV pluged in to an old computer. I set the resolution on Linux mint at 1080p for a smoother experience, but if 4k movies are also displayed at 1080p, that kinda defeats the point.

Will it be 4k or 1080p?
Having set my TV in 1080p due to being laggy in 4k, will my movies that are 4k be able to play natively (4k) or will they max at 1080p?