Lemmy sucks.

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That makes a lot more sense actually. I wonder what attracted that user to your instance tho

This should help keep the fedivangelism discord+matrix communities informed about the lemmy community’s developments and vice-versa

They could just join an instance haha

That’s a good point. If you really, really did not want to apply to the job, and furthermore didn’t think it was something you should do, then yes, you should have held a boundary buuuuuuut that is far easier said than done lol

WDYM? Like the spammers brigading and trolling the communities this month?

I think the only solution really is probably to self host. Or, for multiple instances to have duplicate instances and to cross post on all the communities. You already see this happening, especially with COVID communities across Lemmy and Lotide, but also with news and tech communities I think

I don’t have the hosting hardware necessary BTW, am not willing to do anything other than self host, and when I do get self hosting equipment I have other plans for it (albeit I will use rocket.chat Lord willing)

This is fascinating. Personally I’ve actually struggled with enforcing boundaries, but those that are my own rather than those of others. I similarly was often pressured by parents and was even disallowed from having boundaries at all, but that was only one-sided, so I got used to respecting others’ boundaries and ignoring my own.

I’ve communicated this to my roommate, and he’s gotten better at making sure that he’s not crossing my boundaries (or boundaries I want to have but suck at enforcing lol) just by asking multiple times if it’s okay to keep going with something (especially with talking to me while I’m doing something else), and at the end saying “you can say no”. I’ve found that incredibly helpful and validating, and perhaps if you do the same, it could have a similar effect.

Wait baraag is for gore? I always thought it was for porn, but then I never browse its content.

Just ran into some a day or two several years ago and was like “oops!”

fediverse.network Spiritual Successor "fedi ninja" Pops Up, Touts "Development" Status
Looks like fediverse.network is back, in a different form! http://fedi.ninja/

I ended up asking one of my ADHD IRL friends about the indecision paralysis issue, he said he’d follow up with me (we’re busy college students lol)

I may circle back when I hear from him and tried out what he’s suggested!

It’s very hard. Typically it’s because I’m understimulated, or I’m struggling with indecision paralysis. I can only combat the former, with caffeine, but the latter I sadly have no idea how to conquer.

Thanks for posting this question! I rarely see questions about ADHD on the Fediverse and they’re refreshing when I find them here.

How many admins do y’all have? I’d be lying if I said I agreed with y’all’s moderation stances, but I’m surprised at how slow action to some of the posts, users, and communities is

Well, a part of me wishes I was born in the 30s, as I love OTR and 50s and 60s shows and movies. But I’m black and race relations wasn’t great back then (it was getting better tho)

Another part of me wishes I was born in the 90s. My parents were super restrictive and I wish I could have been a part of the innovative tech culture as it was happening and experience everything as possible

I would love to see a good comparison between all the different licenses