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I respectfully disagree.

Lemmy users should have been allowed to choose seeing content from other link aggregators like Reddit, Hacker News, etc.

I do not assume to talk on behalf of the developer, but I would think that that is not the point of Lemmy. Lemmy is supposed to be a link aggregator-slash-discussion platform that is not owned by a corporate entity.

Again, I may be wrong. Please feel free to correct me.

LibReddit users should have been allowed to participate instead of just reading.

That would entirely undo the privacy features of libreddit. AFAIK it was a deliberate decision to disable logins. If you still have the urge to respond in a thread, there is a direct link to the discussion on the Reddit site.

Which is why I think that Lemmy and LibReddit should have been the same project. Instead users who don’t want to compromise have to use both.

Since both Lemmy and Reddit have publicly available APIs, you could consider rolling your own aggregator. I agree with @victorvelsol@lemmy.ml that managing the accounts would pose some challenges.

Speaking as a programmer who inherited a few frustrating projects: yes I do!

Here’s a few tips: be outside for a bit. Go on a walk, or even better in my case, a long distance run. You’ll hopefully be able to work with renewed focus.

Also, if you can, be sure to work in a well-ventilated room. I worked in several offices with bad air quality, which was detrimental to my productivity. Currently my office has actual windows that open and which has actual temperature control. I am less tired at the end of the day while having done a lot more.

Finally, try to get as few distractions when you need to focus. Switch off notifications on your phone or desktop and use noise cancelling headphones if you have any. Music may or may not help you focus. That is a personal thing.

My answer is nostalgia. I yearn back to the idea of social media before karma was a business model and information was supposed to be free. I used to love Reddit as a collective place to find information that does or does not interest me. Lemmy is a worthy potential successor.

I use borg backup to back up my important documents and stuff to a number of external HDDs. These are regularly rotated and stored offsite. Furthermore, I use rsync to and from my NAS.

My systems all have btrfs and snapper. I know, that is not a backup medium as such, but it does the job quite well.

My music and photo collection are both on external HDDs and my NAS.