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I get what you are saying, but i still see this as respect for the cultural beliefs of the living or lack there of, as the case may be.

I don’t believe dead people have cultures, or anything as they are dead. Their survivors do.

That’s wonderful for me to hear. I would have no problem with a donation link…but google, i absolutely don’t want to be a part of it (as much as that is possible)

I honestly believe no, in general. Someone very special dies, i think we should preserve their legacy. However, if you’re talking about showing respects to a dead friend/family member …no. those traditions are only for the living.

No… but similar…I’ve noted two very different people when forced to be together can become friends. Romance is much more specific in my view.

I want to like peer tube, but as an old man, i find it impossible to navigate. Odyssey, seems, on the surface okay, until I’m bombarded with Trumper type people and their nonsensical content.

What i do, and don’t judge, is watch YouTube through the FreeTube app (invidious) in my defense, most of the YouTubers i follow, taught me how to do that, so i don’t feel guilty of ripping them off. There is one exception…there is a monthly YouTuber i watch that shows gay culture through the lense of old TV and movies …Matt Baum, and that makes me feel bad, but I really try to limit the reach of Google on my laptop.

I have a similar experience…i was shy when younger and still so. You remind of a job i worked in my 20’s, eventually i became friends with a coworker who told me: “I never thought we’d be cool - you seemed so snobby when you first arrived”

I’m truth, i was the exact opposite…i was shy. Unfortunately, i haven’t learned or got the courage to change that.

My mother retired to central Florida…i had to go yearly and my opinion is such that i keep it to myself (if you have nothing nice to say…).

In my younger days, I would visit Miami Beach…and there is diversity and culture there that i enjoyed, but so is the state government.

I’m late to this, but i feel like i see more fake posts than from the actual Dessalines, this is concerning as i actually liked the real one…

Resources. I have moved several cities in the US in the past, always with jobs or connections lined up…and that was hard. I have, in middle age, moved to a US Territory…which I’m starting to like (i have ok employment, especially for one with no Spanish)… But i would really like to actually leave the US. It’s hard for an average person. That reality aside…i would like to say something, i wish my younger self knew…take chances when you are young…go for it, you have so much time and energy to correct mistakes, don’t be afraid.

As an almost half century old man, my past regrets have everything to do with the the things I didn’t do and nothing to do with the stupid decisions I made…hopefully someone takes this advice.

Do i have a score? How do I see? You made me curious

Thank you! … before your comment, I was wondering if I was loosing mine.

I can’t speak for the Science stuff…but there is plenty FOSS communities that I enjoy. What are you subscribed too? When I scroll, i see plenty of FOSS posts…right now, it’s not as active as I would like, but I’ve been here less then a year and it is noticably better as time passes…just stick with it, spread the word and it can only get better. I do have to say though…when i found Lemmy, it was clearly advertised as a place for leftist, FOSS enthusiasts…so I don’t think (and hope) the leftist part will go away.

If this is for healthier weight…my answer is yes…but never again. It doesn’t help. Excercise is key - I’m not talking intense excercise, in my experience - simple things, like getting off the train a few stops before i need to and casually walking the rest of the way has helped my physical health drastically…but it also has greatly improved my mental health…whether it be the exercise or the fact that i leave earlier and no longer rush in order to get to where I’m going…who knows, but it has been very beneficial. I’m never groggy when i get to work now as I’ve had some “me time” with the extra walking. Oh yeah…and i dropped 20 pounds without “trying”.

This is so true…there have been many aging studies that show most people get required nutrients (even through bad food, excluding extremes) but water is vital and so many people don’t drink enough, plain and totally free water. Water does wonders…even for fatigue. Many people consume caffeinated beverages to help with fatigue and make matters worse through dehydration.

This is true…but there a things beyond survival necessities that contribute to in dividual as well as comminity health. We need social engagement…and that done with some health benefits thrown in there too is also wonderful.

I actually believe sports are more important than people realize…can it make a nation on its own? Of course not. It is a wonderful way to compete in a non threatening way (usually). I enjoy sports.

good to know. Can I keep something permanently connected…or is that a bad idea?

Oh great…i will definitely join Twitter and be a casual user of something the Great Elon owns…totally joking.

But…on a serious note…maybe it’s my age, but I feel social media should be social, engaging, but for social and fun endovors…i would take my government officials much more seriously if they would use other means to promote themselves. Just my two cents …i also came of age long before social media…please don’t hate on me.

After configuration…can you start browsing right away? I thought you had to wait several hours or more before you could actually use it.

I have to admit, i read this twice before “getting it”…but once I did, it made me burst out in laughter and look like a crazy man on the train…but, worth it, much needed after a long work day.

Upgrading RAM
Just looking for advice/opinion. I bought from ebay, what i thought was an x220 Thinkpad with 8G of RAM..turned out only to have 4. I left a bad review but will keep the machine. I put Arch/Sway anyway. I want to add RAM...i think it can go up to 16. I looked on line and i think it would be about $50 to buy the memory...so i thought o would find an online tutorial and add the memory myself...is this a bad idea?

Anyone else having a wonderful day?
This isn't a deeply intelectual question...but I'm having a wonderful day/time period actually and wanted to share and see how others are doing.

Advice on language learning for an old man
After getting fired by my corporate job, three weeks before my NYC sublet lease expired, I decided, hastily to run away. PR was the furthest I could get without worrying about working laws...so I went for it, and honestly, I love it! But...I need to learn Spanish, and idk if I'm too dumb or too old...but three years in and I can't do very much. I don't have many friends, I can't afford to live in the tourist zone (I wash dishes) so making friends without Spanish is near impossible. Any advice? Anyone my age that has mastered a foreign language? Any tips or ideas appreciated. Thanks!