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[Longer version]

Thanks to Common Voice contributors, Mozilla and @wannaphong@lemmy.ml , now we have a Wav2vec2 model for recognizing Thai speech available by training a wav2vec2 model on the Common Voice dataset. Now, I can use the model to convert my speech to text on the Huggingface website. It works accurately. I love it.

However, using speech-to-text on the Huggingface website seems to be for testing. I want to use it instead of typing on LibreOffice or Firefox. I did some explorations, but I didn’t find anything that I could use.

Is there any speech recognition software on GNU/Linux which will work with a wav2vec2 model?

Wav2vec2-compatible Speech recognition software
Wav2vec2 model for recognizing Thai speech is available. However, I don't know how to use it on GNU/Linux. Is there any speech recognition software on GNU/Linux which will work with a wav2vec2 model?

Can I close all buffers related to Sly in one command on #Emacs?
I want to close all buffers with has "sly" in their name. Can I do something like this: CLOSE buffer WHERE buffer.name LIKE '%sly%';

Last year, my laptop computer went silent after installing Fedora 35 with Pipewire.

I have no idea about monero and zcash. I like the Tezos Defi ecosystem and its governance.

No, she didn’t. I saw the client didn’t work.

When the notification doesn’t work correctly on my wife’s phone, it is neither iOS’s nor XMPP’s fault. It is mine.

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Maybe they don’t want foreigners to get the code.

Yes, she did. I’m going to try @snikket_im@fosstodon.org’s server maybe next year. Thank you.

My wife uses iPhone. So you should learn Swift and make a reliable XMPP client on iOS, which always notifies my wife when she has a new message.

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I agree open source must be a better choice. However, I guess the Chinese gov’t will prioritize Chinese business and acquire Kingsoft instead of using existing open-source office suites.

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I guess they will use WPS Office, and it won’t be Chinese only.


อวดว่ารันอะไรบ้างใน 15 วินาทีครับ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIVlTbYS8Aw

I still depend on so many Bash scripts.

I agree that using JavaScript increases the chance of participation. I released a few versions of Thai word breakers in different programming languages. One on node.js is the most popular. 8 people contributed to the JS-based project compared to 2-3 people in other programming languages. However, JS has a downside too. In 2017, @iporsut and I made an experiment to compare Thai word breakers that we created. JS version running time is 15X of the Rust version. Even by comparing with another dynamic language, the Julia version is faster than the one in JS.

I created a website using node.js in 2014, and it is still running. The performance is good. However, I have a few regrets.

  • We had a very hard time by install this project on other team members who use Windows 10 because we didn’t know how to build a Bcrypt library.
  • Recently, I have to fix the project without adding any new feature because Express.js was changed, MongoDB was changed, and some packages that I used were abandoned.
  • It was a small project so I wanted to keep the session storage in RAM, but I can’t since I ran 4 node.js processes. Now the project requires Redis as session storage, which causes more troubles for team members, who don’t familiar with GNU/Linux, Docker, or WSL.

I tried to so many things on Lenovo Miix 300 with a touchscreen. Only Ubuntu works. Even Ubuntu works partially. Some apps don’t work with an onscreen keyboard. And, yes, Ubuntu with GNOME is very slow and consume almost all RAM in my computer. I can’t work using it. So, in short, as far as I know, a distro, which you are looking for, doesn’t exist.

Until 1999, Qt was proprietary software. GNOME was started as a free/open/libre alternative. In 1995-1997, we had Fvwm and LessTif, but IMO they looked from the 80s.

If GTK wasn’t released in 1998, perhaps Qt would still be proprietary software. If corporates and people abandon GTK, perhaps Qt will become fully proprietary software again.

So I suppose having one DE is too risk for the whole eco-system. Unlike Microsoft or Apple, we are not one company.

Zorin looks very interesting in YouTube vidoes. I wonder why only a few people mention it.

Chromium OS or Fedora Silverblue.

If they are a tech, you might wanna go with a flavor of Ubuntu.

If they are willing to become proficient and experienced with GNU/Linux as a distro as a tech, maybe something like Arch

I guess they are going to use Facebook, Google Meet, LINE, a word processor, and a spreadsheet.

Which apps does she use on macOS? I hope she doesn’t use OmniGraffle.

What does she use on her home computer?

We used to talk using NNTP and mailing list, but they are closed a few years ago. So we migrated to Lemmy. Our members are aging. Our eyesight is not good anymore. A lot of us are struggle with the captcha using by Lemmy.

How should I create a language-specific in Lemmy?
Should someone open a language-specific language server and use the same community name, for example, open source community on thai-language-lemmy.xyz? Should I create a community with a language on community name, for example, Thai Open Source?