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Social media with Maps integration. imagine walking around in a city and you can read nearby posts with gps. you can see people post about the nearby street performer, talking about work, food, and how they felt about something. after hearing all the conversations, you feel as though the world is really loud. as if you can see text bubbles around you. screaming some pointless human statements and complaints and art and questions and all the other stuff. after you see the globe, and all the other people who speaks other languages. as a person who never gotten close to anyone, you realize the world has become too surreal. a change that makes it impossible not to see the invisible world. the 7 billion screaming users are just in one screen. you’re a small cog in a system, along with everyone else, all of which has drastically changed everything for better or worse. how can you change the world now if you don’t control what happens. It’s all too advanced for humans to even make the slightest change. and If the social media is owned by one entity, we will become a rat in a box trained to behave and think in a certain way.

this social media will be created by people who stays being a good person, hopefully. thanks for listening to my ted talk, goodnight.

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