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Corporate platforms earn money through ads, and this money trickle down to the creators. Creators bring viewers to the platform. It’s full circle.

can we somehow like, recreate this circle?

edit; well It’s really just ads that we need to solve.

What does federation add that allows stronger community and flourishing exchanges?

More creation on the fediverse (Interest-based Instances) - the ones that makes us a living and breathing community is the ones being productive in it. meaning that using fediverse is for not wasting your time, rather to be part of something meaningful.

on fediverse is you might as well to utilize it differently from normal social media. finding things to be part of. some people know how to do it on normal social media but it doesn’t happen often and It’s kind of a destructive environment to them. I don’t think playing with fire is fun, or like fun… but with a restraining order. these corporation are in short; ‘if we don’t like you, you can’t speak. and also we might just inconspicuously control your behavior, but you won’t know that. so It’s gonna be fine… for us.’ the usage for twitter and reddit is to post things blindly or not use it at all. or for spreading a good message. only. don’t spend your time there, don’t risk your well-being.

by the way, how would you compare this to something like a fairphone and linux phones for privacy?

as long as I don’t have to solder anything to the phone. a day of just flashing my phone is fine.

I think I can start with this; https://redmine.replicant.us/projects/replicant/wiki/GalaxySIIIGTI9300

facebook’s good features; intregrated chat, groups, communities. sometimes It’s free to use facebook with your sim data plan. alot of old nostalgic online games like pet society.

reddit good features; I really like the dark mystery and investigation stuff, can’t be found anywhere else than on reddit.

the spooky features of both; data-selling. spying. ads. lizard people and cringe memes. for reddit that it’s basically an education camp where people are slowly “nudged” to behave a certain way. or in other words, a rat box.

Nope, unlike twitter which you lump everyone inside of one platform(and which is a platform designed to fuel disagreements and outrage). fediverse will consist of instances that are focused on communities, people who are interested in different stuff go to their own separate places. you want the normies out? just make your own instance.

cool! I’ll just strap a wifi adapter to my phone. I’ll consider using this as my main phone. as for banking and other stuff that needs gapps I’ll just buy something like motorola or fairphone with lineageos.

so, I could buy the phone secondhand and do all the blob removal work myself is that correct?

I would use an old phone anytime if It’s better for privacy. but battery life is important too for usability, I don’t think those old batteries will last…

There is a certain level of skill I need for the video production. right now because of the script not being done, I’m doing scouting. do you have a resume or works you’ve done?

I’m going to wait for 24 hours for any input from people. and if there’s none I’ll close this post and starting this project by myself.

not if someone like pewdiepie joins everyone would announce it like It’s an achievement and celebrate it.

Obviously if you want to see the end result of this project, you wouldn’t want to read this post. but this is targeted at non fediverse users. and I’m gonna take time to make this as interesting as it gets so It’ll be a while. might as well help instead.

hmm. what phone do you use personally then? I haven’t dipped much into privacy on phones. but I think you know more than I do. I’ll read your article later, I just want a good answer for now.

Hmm… I’m not gonna be harsh or anything to someone who doesn’t know. you might wanna learn something more about ios privacy.


When will creators come to fediverse?
I just want to express my feelings about the internet here. I don't know why I want this that much. maybe convenience and not logging into youtube, twitter, instagram etc. but just mastodon. yes, just mastodon. there's no particular motive I want to do things as I can to make this happen. I don't know if something as simple as telling them to just come here will work. It's good that wordpress now has AP support. that means I could just ask them to turn on a feature at the platform they already have. I don't actually know someone interesting to follow though, but It's a start. When will this happen, when I discovered the fediverse I had an excitement of the future of the internet will be amazing. with AP platforms being the dominant and most diverse ones; Peertube, Plume, Wordpress, Writefreely, and even Funkwhale. I was sure now that if I was on fediverse, I won't be using corporate stuff and is a million times more better and ever more expanding. I realized no one I knew from the normal social media was here. So when will they come? When will Youtubers go to peertube? when will Twitter users use mastodon? when will bloggers use AP? When? I'm just so excited. and so uncertain and I can't wait for much.

Do you reaaally need google apps? It’s good that I don’t even have to option to use crapware like whatsapp. forcing people to talk to me through matrix

Just an idea, what if mastodon had community groups?
original thread; https://lemmy.ml/post/64811/comment/55588 > I think I can agree on this one. been looking for writers on fediverse. real ones that makes novels and such. it seems that if mastodon has community groups that users from other instances can join. that can fix isolated communities and users especially if they are on single user instances. for an example if you had a community for artists. specific genres ones maybe like horror manga. users from other instances can join and you can post a toot under that community. single user instances or people that are interested in things but on another instance may want to join that specific community.

planning on buying a phone, what should I use for privacy?
I broke my phone a few months ago and I hadn't use a phone since I didn't need it until now. I'm willing to buy one that's around under 500$. I'm thinking of getting google pixel maybe, any recommendations?

What is missing from the fediverse?
I think the idea of federated social media itself would have made fediverse sky rocket itself. bloggers tooters and video creators or any kind of internet user can connect with eachother here. but that hasn't happened. not at least yet. so why? what are the problems. or what things are missing on the fediverse that makes it still so unpopular?

How to make open source software profitable (and accessible)
There's a lot of big tech coming on and often times greed is the main cause of it becoming spooky. now I know some of you people might say evil people are just gonna do evil. but we can mitigate that by having more options for monetization. there's not much option with open source hardware for now. so I'm just gonna talk about software. mainly, messaging apps. y'know the recent news with signal. with signal getting all corporate people are going to use it less. because most of us use it for that reason. privacy. if they are going to take away that. they inherently have no value anymore. what are we gonna do now then? well, we should start building our own empire. our own minds are worth millions alone, so start making money with it. I'm going to tell you my own secret to success. the copycat method. if they want to do it to us, let's do it to them again!. embrace extend extinguish. Now, I'm not gonna tell you all of my ideas because all of you people are actually smart enough to think for yourself. but one example. (We have already one point in this one, Open source. that means we are more private than any crap ass proprietary spookware. and we have to sell that to people. make sure they know our software is the best their is.) You'll learn more by observing how things that are proven to work. 1. take notes from the examples we have. for an example take something from LINE, they're selling sticker made by artists. but make it authentic they use proprietary software to make sure there's no counterfeits. how can we fix that? 2. Optional Step two Implement to open software. so it's basically impossible to do it their way this time. Turns out we already have an example on this one! ever heard of NFTs? now the authenticity can be solved by us having proof of ownership. now the chat application can stay open source. 3. Advertise it. You need people to know you're there in order to sell your stuff. you should know how to do it. you can use the spooky ads. this is kind hypocritical but the people you are targeting are the right people. you can copy the good old corporate psychological tactic. make them believe they have a """"""problem"""""" they need to fix. this case is privacy. make them feel concerned and they will come to you. the second target is the art consumers. let them know their favorite artists are making stickers here. also you can advertise jobs for art creators. maybe those japanese mangaka would like a raise for their jobs(?) who knows. 4. EMBRACE, EXTEND, EXTINGUISHHHH. so now you have a great starting point. you already made a chat app and have some neat little features. now for your homework is just this question; how can you make this app better than the competitor? what makes it different from them? now that you think about that just rinse and repeat the steps. don't underestimate the power of your galactic brain. kind of a shitpost, thanks for reading anyway.

17-May-2021 Web Release - https://fedisearch.xyz/ - Also, Happy Birthday Fediverse.
one major flaw of the website before was you have to manually insert json objects, and also the search system was too slow. I used a completely different search stack for this website. and automated the information scraping. The UI is now kind of wonky though. upgrades; - Faster search - Mastodon Instance Request (automated data collection) Downgrades; (for automated collection) - No categories - No Language filter Future plans (?); - Search Posts/Articles - More support for fediverse projects --- coincidentally I made this website just before fediverse' 13th birthday. I was reminded this just now from a talking to a friend who was planning stuff out [@humanetech@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/u/humanetech) so It's kind of too late to plan out something (?), I guess I can pass this project as a gift to the fediverse. well anyways. Happy Birthday, Fediverse.

https://fedisearch.xyz A small project of mine, feel free to submit users and other things here. --- # Fediverse Search API A simple JSON-based API for getting information on all things Fediverse. Hosted at https://fediversewiki-api.herokuapp.com/ The [fedisearch.xyz](https://fedisearch.xyz) website however, I host it at my personal server. --- Preview; | Desktop | Mobile | | ----------- | --- | | ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/YXOuPaG7DK.png) | ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/CVaOTomFaN.png) | --- # Contributing To submit a search form to the API, add these variables to [data/characters.json](https://github.com/fediversewiki/fediverse-search-api/blob/master/data/characters.json) ``` { "name": "John Doe", "alternate_names": "", "gender": "Male", "category": "Novelist", "description": "", "fediverse": "@JohnDoe@instance.tld", "link": "https://instance.tld/@JohnDoe", "image": "https://fediversewiki-api.herokuapp.com/images/john-doe.jpg", "language": "English", "region": "Sweden", "user": true, "group" : false, "creator": true, "companyOrganization": false, "project": false, "applicationSoftware": false } ``` and also add a corresponding profile picture in [public/images](https://github.com/fediversewiki/fediversewiki-api/tree/master/public/images) with a 1x1 aspect ratio. --- ### notes note; "fediverse" form work as link handle. for things like applications, instead of the fediverse handle insert the website name/short link `"fediverse": "sitename.com",` multiple categories and subcategories if longer than 10 letters has to be added spaces in-between, `"category": "Applications/Software"` >> `"category": "Applications/ Software"` or else the description would be pruned. --- ### The API You don't need an API key to use the api, so technically fediverse applications like mastodon can utilize this for their search results. --- ### What is submitted? the things you can submit is as follows; - All users, groups. - Creators. - related companies and organization. - projects. - applications/software. that's what the filtering could do as for now. general users can submit themselves in the search.

A Comment Section for any Static Website/Blog with Mastodon!
implementing ActivityPub comment section on your static blog can be done with just a mastodon account.

Fediverse Creators Wiki (Updated) (Discontinued)
#### Fediverse Creators Wiki --- I created a github website called fediverse-creators-wiki. It's pretty hard as of now finding interesting people to follow on fediverse. I also stumbled alot of "who to follow" questions on other platforms. as I was also trying to find people. This will help those people find creators to follow, as the list goes larger it can also impact the popularity of the fediverse as a whole. --- ##### What it is? A simple github wiki for creators on the fediverse. --- ##### Guideline You can add creators who have a fediverse profile, even if It's only one. consists of a Name, Fediverse handle, and a short description (5-20 words) --- ##### Future plans - Create an "official" wiki website - Create a compatible list, once platforms support pulling in search results from repositories. --- Contribute; https://github.com/fediversewiki/fediverse-creators-wiki

Help make fediverse more popular!
# How to pull in more users to the Fediverse. --- ## For the average user On twitter and similar platforms; 1. Use your fediverse handle as your name 2. Add your fediverse account link to your bio 3. Pin a tweet that says you're mainly on the fediverse platform ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/UOpZFGxgI5.png) Less impactful but still useful to do; - Follow Fediverse and Developer twitter accounts. --- ## For Creators 1. You can the the same as # for the average user 2. If you wanna go further, Create an your own platform for your community. It's better to be interest-based unless that if you have a cult following. for microblogging I recommend [Pleroma](https://pleroma.social) to minimize the costs. 3. Promote your community platform. --- ## For people who want to gain more privacy The way you can contribute is to have your own fediverse platform and ask your friends and family to join your own social media instance. Fediverse is better for privacy. but using other instances still means you'll have to trust someone else with your data. you should run your own fediverse instance. for communications, I recommend running a [matrix](https://matrix.org/) instance using [synapse](https://github.com/matrix-org/synapse). --- ##### Resources - [masto.host](https://masto.host/) One of the easiest ways to start your own Mastodon instance - [Pleroma](https://pleroma.social/) - a Lightweight Fediverse server - [Synapse](https://github.com/matrix-org/synapse) - Matrix server - [Dendrite](https://github.com/matrix-org/dendrite) - a more lightweight matrix server (beta) - [Twitter-Mastodon Crossposter Service](https://crossposter.masto.donte.com.br/) - A Crossposter for Twitter-Mastodon. (it can go both ways) ##### What's the outcome? If most or all people do this, people around will start noticing something weird like users having names that has two @. seeing this as something only the fediverse do, articles will start popping up about it. --- ##### Any more ideas? if you have ideas on this to share, feel free to comment so I can add something to the list. I'm going to put this on the /c/fediverse sidebar. Improving this post as a whole is a priority now.

The Fediverse Problem; The search engine, Discoverability.
pleroma, mastodon, and other AP microblogging service has the same problem. you have to specifically use the url or @ to find someone or a post. The search feature isn't really one at all. you can't discover anything or anyone who hasn't federated to that instance, and there is hundreds of instances around at this point. Fediverse platforms is great for small niche communities. but it still lacks the basic feature needed for it to become truly a Social Networks replacement. because of the disconnected nature. I could say It's impossible for you to discover something without going to other corporate platforms. there's no such thing as finding interesting creators on the fediverse. --- #### Any solutions? --- ##### The complete way to fix discoverability problem. There are 3 conditions for this to work. - every user has to assign which interests they are interested in. (in a prompt or/and in the user settings) - (Only public users) user information are put on a list in the instance local repository so foreign instances can access it. - Instance owners has to be told (optionally) to register on https://the-federation.info/ in the installation process. ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/gMIo3A9tIO.jpg) Image description; Instances will make user information available publicly in their respective local repositories. then by reading the instances list from https://the-federation.info/ , Instances can pull in user information by downloading it from other instances. (to minimize storage/data usage, we’ll only download the user information and interests, and not the posts and bio. this will not federate until user follow them like normal. add an option to download the information less recurrently, if it ever gets too big.) Assigning interests will help people find someone to follow with a system rather than an intrusive algorithm. features like recommending someone to follow someone from certain topics, and an improved search result can be added from this. https://github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/issues/16168 --- ##### For Creators create a list of creators and interesting figures, (Artists, Musicians, Writers, Video-Creators, and more) and put it on a repository for instances to pull in. (the platforms has to support pulling in the search result from a repository list.) ##### Fediverse Creators Wiki I created a github repository called fediverse-creators-wiki, when the devs decided to do add this feature. I'll make a compatible list for fediverse platforms so they can use this repository. Contribute; https://github.com/gwynne0190/fediverse-creators-wiki thanks for the feedback [@dreeg_ocedam@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/u/dreeg_ocedam), It's updated.

[Concept] A Federated Digital Store
there is a recent controversy of steam taking money from game creators. 30% of sales to be exact. At first, I thought that was normal since every other companies do this. then I realize I was getting to used to them, people are dependent on them and the trend is becoming normal. So what we need now especially with people being banned left and right is becoming independent. --- ##### What it is (?) A self-hosted. Social. and Digital-only webstore. similar to itch.io. but because It's federated, the social aspect of it unlocks the possibility to create a patreon-like replacement. --- ##### Examples of digital things you can sell; - Games. - Game assets (3D models, BGMs, images, etc.) - Books. - Movies. - Art - Digital Commissions/Micro-jobs --- ##### Why federated? the whole internet will become that way and secondly It's a way to have a patreon-like platform replacement. --- ##### But how do you sell it? uhh, work. and upload it to your platform. you don't need to do much as It's digital-only. --- ##### How it'll handle payments? You can rely on Stripe and CoinPayments to cover the payment processing. also the developers will just focus on creating the platform. both Fiat and Crypto so most people can buy it around the world. --- maybe later there will support selling physical items. but for simplicity's sake because this hasn't even existed in the first place, just do digital.This if ever launched, will be the first project to solely focus on monetization.

Could one year make a difference on Fediverse?
One year, 12 months, 52.17857 weeks, 365.25 days, 8766 hours, and then 31557600 seconds. on the range of time it differs person to person, from how their condition is and how they use their time. I've been stuck in time once. it was an entrance exam and within that one day, every second it felt like the globe has completed one rotation. and the clock moves so slowly that it starts to stop momentarilly. around 8 hours a time worth of 3 weeks. because I was devouring information so rapidly that for one moment my sanity and sense of existence disappeared. the only importance was to do one thing right, study. while chewing out my own humanity. I failed the test obviously because I became sick. and my remaining sense of being alive was reduced tremendously. most of it happened because I was a (humanly or dare I say normal) mentally ill person. I like it alot, the fediverse and the whole idea of one big mesh of platforms, everything you have on the "normal" social media but now It's all connected. my personal favorite instance and community, the [Shitty Services](https://shittyurl.org/#services), I don't even want to admit it but if I were not a creator. I would definitely join this community, It's all too funny. now I only have one problem, I can't find anyone to follow lol. feel free to put your @ or your website down below, now I have my own instance! I'll check yours out. in regards to time, It's more of a broad question than just for fediverse. it has to do with it because what I do will contribute to it. me myself as an internet creator will attract people here. other thing is, notice something about decentralization? people have these different kinds of platforms (now It's still not as diverse, were kind of missing a few things, like a forum or CMS or... blogger equivalent.) Creators can use these for free and to further connect to their community at ease, because the fans only need one fediverse account. One artist I'm a fan of had a website, a blogger account, and a twitter account, all of them other than twitter is a dead wasteland, if he had fans in the fediverse. the fans can easily follow his mastodon/pleroma account, his blog account, and etc. now we have more people discovering and interacting with him on these other platform he's doing creation at. in short It's really great for all creators alike. how can we achieve this? two things 1. firstly from a creators perspective, simply make it available for the fans by creating on fediverse platforms. tell your fans if they want to interact with you, just make a pleroma account or something. the optional is to make a community instance. this should be obvious, but they need to list their social platforms somewhere like in their website. 2. secondly, make it easier for us to find the kinds of people were looking for. I had an idea to create a website, or a wiki. divide creators/people into categories; broad ones like, novelist and video creators or maybe Vtubers(?). and then the genre of that genre. non-fiction, dark fantasy, political, gaming, dark content. you know what I mean. feel free to recommend me one wiki software that I could use. and also a good name for it. A year seems like a long time, let's see what we can do in that time range.

Hypothetically speaking. if I finished making a fediverse instance like pleroma or mastodon, what can I do with it?
you've bought a vps server, then after that you played around with it and made your first website and decided to make your own social media. you feel like having everything you've ever wanted to own because you can do whatever with it. and then come to the realization in which you have no idea what to do with your social media platform. how do you start a community?

what just happened? I just visited reddit and twitter over TOR and it works. and I didn't find any news about it.
Is it just me or was it actually working the whole time. can anyone explain what's happening?

A talent agency of online creators on fediverse.
at first I was just thinking of making my own organization/group for novelists. more catered towards fictional writers than non-fiction ones. there won't be any app for the webnovels, rather just a website for the members that has a brief biography and links to their own platforms, for an example their webpage and social media. and then we'll make a separate wiki to include writers who has only paid novels and people who aren't in the group. just a wiki basically. then I thought of how unrealistically hard to find good content creators on the fediverse, and instead for writers I'll have to make a talent agency for creators. a talent agency for creators on the fediverse, It'll be similar like those vtuber companies. but for VR creators (because VR is the future of games and, everything else). It'll probably function more like a group of friends than an actual agency. though we'll have events, collaboration, competitive games. I'll be shooting myself in the foot if I decide to just exclusively use fediverse platforms for these creators. I'll be allowing youtube but not any other social media apps(e.g. twitter, instagram, etc.) the platforms they'll use; - Odysee/lbry (streams/uploads) - Mastodon or the equivalent I'll just wait until I have enough following to start the latter. not exactly famous enough to make this a thing. more than succeeding decentralization I'm excited on making the events itself, the competitions, and seeing talented VR users. you can follow my social account here; [@pl.gwynnestudio.com@Gwynne](http://pl.gwynnestudio.com/gwynne)

How do I make a vpn?
hey everyone! I'm back after taking some time off from certain things. before I start losing my mind from not having anything to do, I decided that I'm going to start being more "involved" in the online world. even if It'll take away some of my privacy a bit, also because I want to practice being less paranoid, I'm sure some of you know how this feels very well. and so far there's no clear answer to how you could become truly invisible. by the way, I now finally have my own fediverse social media account and my own website. there's no such thing as 'blogger' type fediverse platform so I chose something else for now. moreover, here's the actual reason I came back online; can anyone tell me how I can make my own hosted vpn?

is Matrix/Riot.im really private?
I haven't hosted my own matrix server yet. is it safe to join an instance? I don't really know how private that would be. the question is when I signup/login would I be giving out my IP? is the metadata private? sorry for asking this, I'm just a bit paranoid