ZorinOS with it’s branding, style and amazing desktop functionality out of the box makes it seems to be that Zorin is looking out to be one of the top tier opensource OS of the time, particurarly for when introducing new people to linux. To be honest you would not even need to explain that it’s linux and just call it Zorin to most people.

This blogpost displays a lot of the graphical improvements, new out of the box features and more. So if you are interested in looking at a new linux distro of ubuntu or haven’t had a look at Zorin for a while, then now is a interesting time to take a gander.

Infenitely galactic did also an amazing video going through the beta release here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYC3_4L7dYg

This and ElementaryOS seems to me to be a major improvement for making Linux an attractive choice for most people, and with that I’m considering their website and communication-work as a part of the package.

For 2021 and onwards ZorinOS and ElementaryOS would be my go-to recommendations to windows and apple users.

I also have to acknowledge:

The KDE-desktop has improved a LOT lately, unfortunately I wouldn’t recommend KDE-neon or any KDE-desktop based projects to anyone at the moment.

PopOS is also very good.

There are probably many more as well.

But ATM their com-work isn’t at the same level from what I have experienced so far.