I was recently thinking about buying an elecrtic scooter/bike to get from point A to point B, with everything so close in a city, and traffic being bad. What are your thoughts on cycle-lanes, and cycling/scooting in general?

  • @handvat@lemmy.ml
    3 years ago

    BIke with two children and parent 2 children on a bike? Seems doable. Or what about a carrier bike, if you have more? Carrier bike with many children

    I admit that these children are all quite young, but starting from age 6, children should be able to cycle by themselves. (Note: this opinion is from a Dutch perspective)

    I’m not against cars by the way, you could own a car and several bikes. Use the bike when possible and the car for everything else.

    • @roastpotatothief@lemmy.ml
      23 years ago

      Yes, it could work, if the town is flat, and you never need to go more than a few miles. Or if there’s a very good and fast bus network and you can carry bikes on the bus.

      For example, somewhere i used to live, it had a free bus for the decrepit and old, that went around the whole town and passed every house. So if you wait long enough, the bus will take to your destination, door to door.

      But even then, there will still be a few people who need their own cars.