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I’m not sure they’re really the same question. Be careful of making a false equivalence.

Your questions are very loaded. Most people would answer “there shouldn’t be ANY racism at all!”

In that case, if the questions are really equivalent, everyone’s answer to the original question should be “there shouldn’t be any censorship at all” or maybe “there should be complete censorship for everyone”.

But I don’t think that’s the right conclusion. Therefore the questions are not equivalent. This is too simplistic.

Because you’re taking a very technical rhetorical stance, I’ll try to answer the same way.

Racism is a damaging thing. There’s no good side to it.

Censorship is also a damaging thing. But it can sometimes be a necessary evil to prevent worse evils. There is a sweet spot where it prevents more damage than it causes.

Racism is a natural feature that arises in groups of people, but censorship is a political measure. So if there is a damaging amount of racism in lemmy, censorship can be used to reduce it. While there is no underlying racism problem, then censorship causes its harm while producing no benefit.

These things are hard to measure, so censorship is normally a matter of very careful consideration.

The second one is zoomed in, to make it look worse. Being able to see that there is solid ground on the left is important.

The example I know is where you take a random healthy man. Then you find five people who are waiting for different organ donations. Is it right to kill that man and harvest his organs, to save the five.

I find it a much more insightful example.

Will there be a “debate vegans” type sub? I still have so many questions, but don’t know where to ask.

“That’s a nice shirt” is generally taken as a sincere and high complement. Anything else at all will get funny looks.

Why is everybody posting screengrabs of websites, but no link to the actual website.
Example from the top of the frontpage right now https://lemmy.ml/post/345928 https://lemmy.ml/post/345928 https://lemmy.ml/post/345290 https://lemmy.ml/post/345883 https://lemmy.ml/post/345838

Yes exactly. They can probably only know where you shopped, not what you bought, if they even do this. But they’ve executed much more sophisticated plots than this. Look at the eurion constellation.

Is cash so anonymous? Does the cash machine record the serial numbers of the notes you took? When a shop takes its cash to the bank at the end of the day, does the bank again record the serial numbers? If so, a cynical regime could figure out how much you spend in each shop, but not what you bought.

I don’t know if they do this yet, but it’s an easy, obvious, concealable scam.

Somehow problems they point out with the financial sector are supposed to apply to the whole sector, but problems with cryptocurrencies are only ever relevant to one very specific coin and in no way should reflect on the whole scene.

That’s what you were doing though. Cherry-picking faults from many different currencies.

Your original point was that crypto-currencies have no value and are ponzi schemes. Have you been convinced to change your mind about those two things? They are concrete statements, strong arguments. So they are easy to prove/disprove.

I’m afraid the discussion has gotten too broad now. You would need to start a new thread for each point. Otherwise it becomes circular. For example several or your points here I’ve already answered in another part of the thread.

It’s not a Ponzi exactly, it’s called a pump-and-dump. But yes it’s very common and very bad.

I agree that crypto currencies seem to be used much more for cynical investment profiteering, and much less for commerce, that fiat currencies. Probably because they are new. Investors are much faster at exploiting any new thing.

Bitcoin has not failed yet. It might become like company shares, an ostensibly useful thing that in practice is just a money-making game for professional gamblers. Or it might find a real large-scale use in the economy. It depends on so many factors.

The environmental issue really deserves its own discussion. There are several valid ways of looking at it. For example:

  • Bitcoin’s model was simple and robust and successful. But bitcoin’s value increased too much, too fast, making mining very profitable. It’s a victim of its own success.

  • It’s easily fixed, for example by borrowing Monero’s proof-of-work algorithm. But the bitcoin devs need to be given an incentive to change it.

  • This is capitalism - everything gets exploited for profit until it is devastated. It’s not a bitcoin issue it’s sick-society issue.

  • I personally believe that the GPU and electricity crises are being driven by datacentres (collecting human behaviour data) and AI (finding ways to exploit that data for profit and power) but bitcoin is being used as a scapegoat.

And anyway the solution is not just “ban the bad things”. There are effective ways to disincentivise people from exploiting electricity.

Lots of interesting links there. But the pieces of your arguments are so diverse, there is no single coherent answer. In the technological field so diverse, you can always find bad things, if you are looking for them.

I’ll just answer the first and the last point.

In other words, it’s designed to provide pay-off to those who jump-in early, as long as they convince more people to jump in, and assuming they get out early enough.

Here you really are describing a Ponzi scheme. By this logic, every currency (with the possible exceptions of gold and bitcoin) are ponzi schemes. Central banks print banknotes (or X tokens) which are worthless. They only have value because people start to believe they have value. And the central banks use this confidence trick to make money. They more tokens/banknotes they print, the more money they make.

Financial Times might actually have a reasonably good understanding what a Ponzi scheme is

This does not describe a Ponzi scheme. It describes a fiat currency. “Ponzi was paying earlier investors using the investments of later investors”. He created an investment fund, not a currency. There is no way you could confuse those two things. And a pyramid scheme is also an unrelated thing. But you’re just as capable of looking this up as I am.

That’s a good way of looking at it.

I guess part of the idea way taking the power away from the greedy people, which fixes one small part of the problem.

Part of it was fixing the implementation details, which solves another part of the problem. But yes a purely technical solution is not enough on its own. Bitcoin is not a magic bullet to solve greed. My answer below talks a bit about that.

like what happened with Ethereum

It happened to bitcoin too.

Well, fuck you

In this sense cryptocurrency is just like cash. It can be a blessing or a curse depending on your situation.

It’s possible to build a banking system, with chargebacks and insurance and all the rest, on top of any currency. It doesn’t exist AFAIK for bitcoin yet. But there’s nothing stopping governments or businesses from introducing it.

You could also argue that bitcoin doesn’t need any of that because it’s inherently more secure than the banking system. But that’s maybe another day’s argument.

it is influenced by the amount of investment put into it

All currencies have this problem. Bigger ones suffer less from it, so you might not notice it. In fact it’s even worse than you say.

  1. Whales actively manipulate the price for profit. It’s not a ponzi scheme. You’re confusing two different things. If you want a buzzword it’s a pump and dump.
  2. This doesn’t affect only currencies but any commodity. Look at oil or food or land or gold. All have exactly the same problem you cite for bitcoin. In fact gold is a very good analogy for bitcoin. You can understand it better by thinking of it as “digital gold”.

We don’t need to get into the environmental aspects

Thanks. That’s a tired auld one.

your biggest stake holders now are the incredibly wealthy

I’ve thought about this a bit. Right now, I don’t think the currency itself can or should solve this. The only working solution is redistributing wealth through the tax system. It works very well when done properly. So profits from bitcoin should be taxed like any currency trade. Income in bitcoin should be normally. Inheritance tax, and all the rest, should all be agnostic to which currency you use. This is the only proven way.

If there’s a crypto out there that isn’t available for fiat investment

That’s a very good idea. How would it work? Have you seen been anything written about this already?

None at all?!

  • Has intrinsic value due to scarcity, like a gold-standard currency (as opposed to today’s fiat currencies). So it can’t be devalued or manipulated by a central bank.
  • You don’t need to hold physical coins, or ask a 3rd party (like a bank) to store your money for you
  • Can be send instantly anywhere in the world, without going through expensive money-transfer agents
  • Money cannot be created out of nothing. If you want to loan somebody money, it has to really exist.

There are multiple important benefits. They may not all be important for you right now, but saying it doesn’t solve any problems at all is just ridiculous.

The people who say it’s a ponzi scheme are people who don’t know what ponzi schemes are.

It’s mostly fair.

A currency is just a currency. An NFT is something unrelated. A currency being crypto doesn’t stop it from being mostly used for evil. Cryptocurrencies are an important advance for mankind, but they does not solve all of the world’s problems.

Bitcoin specifically even has a few of its own new problems, which newer currencies have solved.

Do all QR code phone apps do that, or just the one? Maybe it’s a setting in the app that you can turn off. You’d think the app would be clever enough to recognise whether the message is a URL or not, and treat it appropriately.

QR codes can often be ticket numbers or lists of information. It’s literally just text, but in a machine-readable form, instead of human-readable.

Cannot log out of Lemmy
When I try to log out (using the top right menu) the page just refreshes. Sometimes it works if I log out then refresh, or restart the browser, or log out several times in a row; but not always. I am using Tor on Windows. Is it a known problem? Is there a known solution?

If it doesn’t exist, then you can invent it.

QR codes are perfect for encoding text, even though most people just use them to send URLs. It should be a very good tool for flyers.

If you want rich text, colours and fonts and sizes, I’m sure that’s easy too. But you might need to invent a type of markup to compress the style information better. Or it might already exist.

Here is an example of an anecdote - often called a "case study". Because covid spread a certain way at that event does not mean it usually spreads that way. Most of what we think we know about covid is based on "case studies" like these, which suffer from biases (selection, reporting, memory, etc). Any amount of this knowledge could be all wrong. Please, next year start doing rigorous covid research, of the same standard expected in other fields. Control groups, blinds, sample sizes, etc, are crucial if we are to gain any knowledge at all about covid, and have any confidence in what we do know.

Lemmy, mastadon, and following people
Thinking more about this [conversation](https://lemmy.ml/post/57199), I think this is a common use case: * I want to predominantly see content from topics that interest me, and also content from people whose ideas interest me. If Lemmy is designed to only do one half, and Mastadon the other, what is the intended usage for people like me? Is there a way to use Lemmy and Mastadon together to get this? I thought that Lemmy was planning this functionality. For example if Lemmy had an extra "sort type" option of "New posts involving people I follow", that would be perfect.

Open survey about censorship on lemmy
This seems to be becoming the hot topic, the elephant in the chatroom - the balance between censorship / freedom of speech on lemmy. There are solid arguments for both ways, and good compromises too. IMO the FAQ makes it quite clear what the devs have built here, and why. But recent discussions, arguments, make it clear that a lot of the most vocal users object to it. I'm very curious. Many **active** users feel this way? Please vote using the up arrows in the comments.

How to donate to lemmy
Yes friendly pop-up, i would like to donate to lemmy. I'm not familiar with any of the services linked though. Is there a bitcoin address i can transfer to?

Getting other reddit clones federated
Has anyone discussed with admins of the notabug and saidit and the others, getting them federated with lemmy? Their users get access to more content, which makes them stronger. They get access to more users. Each one can control whether its culture gets diluted or preserved. All the services become more vibrant and sustainable. It sounds like a win-win. Are they interested? Is it technically possible?