Let's welcome Kate the Cyber Woodpecker
A lot of good things happen at the moment in Kate’s development. We didn’t only implement plenty of new features for 21.04 and fix a lot of bugs in the last months and year, we did improve our overall product branding, too. Early in 2020, we introduced a new Kate icon designed by Tyson Tan to get some icon that is instantly recognizable compared to the generic ones we used in the past.
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Well, it’s not hugely popular nor does it have tons of money behind it, so if you’re looking for an editor with hundreds of plugins, you’ll be disappointed here.

But if you’re looking for a text editor that’s open-source, not heavy on resources and not arcane (a.k.a. Vim or Emacs), then it’s among the most powerful you can find.

And like, that’s one of my favorite aspects of it. There isn’t much of a “switch” necessary. It largely behaves in obvious ways. It’s a utility, not a life investment.

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