Dreeg Ocedam
42 urte

Yup, searched for a mail client for a while because Thunderbird didn’t fully suit my needs, ans I really love Evolution.

The only complaint I have is that its interface could be made to feel slightly more snappy. I often feel like the delay between clicking and the first change on the screen is just a few milliseconds too long. But over all it requires much less resources than Thunderbird and is capable of dealing with very large ICal that made Thunderbird crash.

Dreeg Ocedam
22 urte

I really liked Geary’s snappiness but it lacked features, mainly the calendar, and if I remember correctly the search functionality was crap (though on that point, nothing beats thunderbird).

22 urte

Yeah. For my case I wish it had better support for like font customization and signatures like thunderbird, it’s only reason thunderbird is more viable in a work scenario.

BTW, Evolution looks really slick in ZorinOS

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