I recently got an email notifying me that my ISP has implemented data caps on all plans, and since I routinely exceed my new data cap of 1024GB/mo they will be charging me $10/50GB overage starting next month.

I think this is outrageous, so I’m shopping around for a new ISP, but there are only 2 or 3 that offer service to my house, and at least one of them is twice the price of my current ISP. I’m curious how everyone here is treated by their ISPs?

I’m paying $55/mo for 100Mbps down (actually get ~45mbps max), and I’m capped at 1024GB/mo. The next best ISP without a data cap is a maximum of 20Mbps down, for $60/mo.

$ = USD

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Yup they seem to have excellent peering and backbones for their services, very impressive stuff.

With 5Gbit, not sure if their ToS has an anti-server clause.

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Their terms are https://www.fibrestream.ca/terms. They seem reasonable.

You may not use the Services for anything other than your own personal use.

Not super clear. Am I allowed to use this for work? Is hosting a server for me personal use?

FibreStream reserves the right to terminate your services immediately should you exceed reasonable usage limits, as determined by us.

They also mention “P2P” before that. Is a server P2P? 🤷

But overall it just seems like a cover-your-ass ToS. It doesn’t explicitly call out anything.

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From the user experiences I’ve heard, they seem pretty lenient. I’m sure like any other ISP they check and will call you out of if they get a Cease and Desist letter for P2P content.

I guess you could ask them before signing up if your desired uses are acceptable to them.

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