It’s not that I am a youngster shunning it for snapchat or tiktok etc., but I have come to realize that I basically stopped using email, other than as a (bad) 2fa solution and notification service (and the odd mailing list).

Even at work it has become basically a pure notification service for the internal platform and a place to send the odd document or request to a 3rd party…

I realize that I am probably living in a bubble in that regard, but I actually recently met people reasonably tech affine who claimed they don’t even have an email address?!

So for a while I have been thinking of just configuring an one-way email to XMPP forwarding service (with auto-response) and be done with email ;)

How do you feel about email? Is it still important for your daily communication?

Edit: So a few days later I guess the summary is:

  • Many people still use it for work / unversity (only);
  • Some people still really use it a lot, but mainly as a “since everything else sucks even more” option;
  • Quite a few (but probably still a minority) are like me and effectively stopped using email.
    123 years ago

    I use email a lot both privately and professionally. I don’t think it’s obsolete at all. In email, I still adhere to several formalities (like Dear… and signing my name etc) which is I think a nice tradition and I also pay more attention to correct grammar and punctuation, full sentences etc. I think it should be kept as a channel of more formal correspondance. It is also decentralised by design which is great. With a few updated standards, strong e2e encryption could be built into the email infrastructure by default. I hope we will reach this at some point