I have this and a 500GB HDD 7,200RPM ST500LM21-1KJ152 in LVM RAID1 and after I added a ~15GB QCOW2 image to it it had a SMART Health Status of “24 bad sectors” even though they were “Current Pending Sectors”. As seen below…

Is it likely this HGST drive is gonna bite the dusts and I should be looking at getting another used drive off of E-Bay to replace it (I don’t want to buy a new drive if I can avoids it for eco friendliness reasons)? Or it fair to assume it’s will normally functions generally speaking if this is the only thing it’s complaining about?

I am also doing a extended SMART test on it right now as well. To see if there are updated results on it as well.

  • dandelion
    33 years ago

    That’s nice ! I do not know enough about hard disks and smartmontools to say whether this means you can continue the disk without worrying. I like smartmontools for work to tell me when a disk is about to need replacement but I’ve always found interpreting smartmontools numbers too difficult to grasp. Hopefully someone else can give you more hints. And making a habit of making backups is something which has become a second nature for me. I am still amazed about learning how many non tech people never make backups of their phones and computers.

    • @DBGamer@lemmy.mlOP
      23 years ago

      I am very glad to see and no worries, thanks for bringing this to my attention so I was able to provide this additional information in case somebody can more possibly inform me if this something to continue worrying about or not.

      As for data backup, this array is to holds them from my cloud Backup VM and anything else that is too large for me keep on my 60GB SSD for proper backing up to my external USB HDD for my personal data. So the “bulky” data are backed up at least twice (Backup VM and the HDD array) WHILE the REALLY important stuffs (like updateish password manager data and such) are backed up to the external in addition to the HDD array (personal data doesn’t goes to the Cloud Backup VM).

    • Helix
      13 years ago

      I’ve always found interpreting smartmontools numbers too difficult to grasp

      Can you put this into questions? I made pages in my wiki about HDDs and SMART which may explain some metrics.