I have this and a 500GB HDD 7,200RPM ST500LM21-1KJ152 in LVM RAID1 and after I added a ~15GB QCOW2 image to it it had a SMART Health Status of “24 bad sectors” even though they were “Current Pending Sectors”. As seen below…

Is it likely this HGST drive is gonna bite the dusts and I should be looking at getting another used drive off of E-Bay to replace it (I don’t want to buy a new drive if I can avoids it for eco friendliness reasons)? Or it fair to assume it’s will normally functions generally speaking if this is the only thing it’s complaining about?

I am also doing a extended SMART test on it right now as well. To see if there are updated results on it as well.

  • Helix
    23 years ago

    Reallocation count went up from the first screenshot, that thing’s dying.

    • @DBGamer@lemmy.mlOP
      13 years ago

      Thanks you for the confirmation on that, well as soon as PCLiqulidations hopefully get back to me to the inquiry I sent. I might be able to get one of their refurbs. Hopefully before it actually does dies. But I sent them the email so I can confirm they can indeed do somethign for me and what they charge for shipping.

      ServerMonkey for example was out of their minds for charging $14.95 shipping on a $20 2.5" disk. Since they charge shipping by the flipping LB, not by the actual item’s weight.