The alt social media are a good place to run away from algorithms and explicit mass manipulation from other big tech, be more free, independent, and spread ideas, but I also think that the fediverse is being filling with people with radical political ideologies, some kicked out of traditional social platforms for this same reason. I’m not saying that we can’t have discussions, but I think that many people are making their own echo Chambers in the fediverse.

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Yeah, I’m sorry to hear about your experience with them, and I don’t think they have a safe space here.

Gab is a good example of the fediverse kicking the garbage out - they used to federate, but got pretty whiny when everyone defederated them.
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Ive heard about that, mostly I’ve heard Tim pool whining about that (wich was very funny). Thanks. Feels bad to talk about when police kidnapped me for absolutely nothing, and some random person the internet tells you “No, didnt happen lol”

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