Here a few from them on latest video:

Let’s address each point:

  • “I try to apt-get install obs-studio on Manjaro”

Sound of everyone facepalming in Linux Community

If you’re going to pick Manjaro, at least learn what your Linux distro is about. There’s literally user guide that covers this here: User Guide If you’re going to be jumping into Linux, get comfortable reading documentations/guides, it’s your friend.

To install Obs studio on Manjaro, just run pamac install obs-studio and package can be found here: obs-studio

  • “We couldn’t get Obs-studio to work at all, but when I try it again on different project, it worked…”
  • “Hey you don’t have to reboot Linux to get things working…”

That tells me that you’ve installed the drivers and haven’t rebooted the computer right after installing the driver, Linux is great at updating, but close source drivers like Nvidia does warrant a reboot after updating, because you have to reload the kernel module and restart X11/Wayland. While you’re used to Windows forcing you to reboot the computer at it’s every whim, Linux doesn’t do that and we want to keep it that way.

  • “Discord Screensharing doesn’t work on Linux”

X11 vs Wayland MATTERS! A lot of screen recording capability are either limited or unsupported in Wayland while majority of features are likely supported in X11. This can be a problem for Chromium based browser where it had some of it’s capability required specific experimental flags to be enabled and that applies to majority of electron based applications which by the way, you can’t enable such experimental flags as easily which therefore hamstringing anything you can do to fix it.

So if you want to use Discord Screensharing without issue, use Firefox and have it open up Discordapp website, chances are, it’ll work out of the box. (Just tested it myself.)

  • “Let’s just download a script off from github randomly and hope they work”

For the love of god, DON’T do this blindly and at least check the script so you can be sure that you’re not inadvertently installing a rootkit. If you’re going to nuke your Linux installation, at least make a bloody backup first. On Linux, you can set up your installation to use LVM which also have a feature of LVM snapshot so you can restore your installation to working state. If that not an option, there’s always Borg Backup.

  • “Double clicking Sh file should automatically prompt a terminal to run it…”

Most of the time when you save an sh file from a text editor, it would only have read and write permission flagged, but not executable, this is a part of Linux discretionary access control policy, that is literally it’s security feature, don’t be surprised that Linux isn’t trying to mirror that of Windows. You can set it to be executable by right clicking on it into property menu and checking on making this script executable and then right click the script again and run it in terminal.

  • “Microsoft Team doesn’t work well on Linux”

Plays the world smallest violin

Microsoft sabotaged it’s own program on Linux, so why are you surprised? Don’t believe me?

My advice? Switch to Element Chat or literally anything else than Team/Skype, ffs.

To summarize, I have no respect for Linus after his video since it shows that they have no understanding of anything and yet they claim to be a tech journalist.
-12 urte

At the end of the day, Linux is not going to be “normal-user” friendly without some guided help and one of those is documentation/user guide that can alleviate the process. UI/UX is partially the problem that is exceedingly difficult to solve and is the big reason why it’s easier to use on Windows than it is on Linux. QT/GTK are the mainstay on Linux, the problem is, both of them have significant technical and legal barriers that are not feasible or appealing to third party developers to use and that is why we’ve been seeing a lot of Electron applications across the board.

At the end of the day, if they needed Microsoft products, they need to be using Windows operating system which is the “supported” Operating Systems. Microsoft doesn’t support Linux in good faith despise the marketing “Microsoft Heart Linux.” Linux is not a Windows replacement and it shouldn’t be and people should adjust their expectations accordingly, it’s perfectly valid to dual boot or use virtual machines.

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