I see a lot of down votes and conflict in privacy communities about which one is the best, but tbh, if you’re not using fb/sms/email you’re pretty much the top 1% of privacy users. So as far as we should be concerned, that’s good enough.

The debates about signal being better than matrix etc are fine to have, but IMO it’d be more productive if we spoke more about how to get granny, the boss, the nephew, etc on signal, matrix etc. Doesn’t matter how good any of our privacy apps are, I almost never meet a single person who uses any of them and have to default to fb. Most people over yonder haven’t even heard of the apps that aren’t telegram or signal.

IMO targeting the discorders(/telegramers) is the lowest hanging fruit. Discord/tg is already bridge compatible with matrix, if you can use LibreOffice, you can set up the t2bot discord-matrix bridge.

  • th0mcat
    13 years ago

    I think it all depends on your provider. Gmail/Microsoft/Yahoo aren’t going to respect your privacy. “Normies” aren’t about to rent a VPS or colo a server, spin up a *nix/BSD host, get dovecot/Mailcow running, and deal with DNS records and spam.