I ditched Windows BTW.

  • @glorpster@feddit.de
    72 years ago

    This could bring an influx of new users to Linux, which would be a boost for the open source operating system, though it’s likely that any distro the Chinese government uses would be heavily modified and restricted.

    On paper, this could be good news for Linux. However, any OS the Chinese government uses will likely be heavily regulated and censored, which is contrary to what the Linux and open source communities stand for.

    Seems like the tangible benefits for the linux and open source community expected from that might be somewhat limited. Maybe some gov workers will switch to linux privately and maybe the gov might end up funding some projects, but they probably won’t contribute to the open source community directly.

    • Colorish
      2 years ago

      I think more than a “practical” advantage over Windows, Linux will improve his reputation. At least I hope that, rn it’s impossible for an average person to prefer Linux over Windows or other OSes

    • @3arn0wl@lemmy.ml
      12 years ago

      I’m not so sure about that…

      If CAS’s work on a desktop-power processor goes according to plan, the reality might well be that, over the next few years, Microsoft software simply won’t flash onto any new hardware avialable to buy.

      There are already versions of Linux being used… My guess is - simply because they are the easy solution - they will be adopted.

      One of the attractive things about open source software is that it can be audited… And if the people are not happy with one open source operating system, they can always flash an alternative.