You can now grab lemmur from f-droid and the Play store.

If you want to follow lemmur releases/news checkout the repo and/or follow the ! community. You can always support the development on Patreon or BuyMeACoffee

PS. We do not flavor our releases: github release tab, fdroid, and play store apks are built from the same source code. Feel free to download lemmur from any place you like.
32 urte

Also, something is up with the time zones I guess because my freshly posted comments show up as ‘posted 1 hour ago’

22 urte

This has also been fixed but you have to wait for the next f-droid or playstore release… However, you can build the app following the instructions from the main repo.

shilangyu (lemmur)
42 urte

links won’t open at all

Android 11 issue, fixed already.

something is up with the time zones

UTC parsing issue, fixed already.

then the comment gets sent twice

Are you sure?
12 urte

Maybe the 2xcomment was just a one time thing… thanks for the response!! 👍

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