• @0x90@lemmy.ml
    2 years ago

    This is the most retrd thing I have ever witnessed

    Lemmy is a fediverse instance resistant to censor, not “a reddit alternative” such as lobste.rs or tild.es

    This means every smart person including anon or the alt-right /pol/ frens running away from centralised cancer like Twitter/Netflix left propaganda and cancel culture, TikTok e-girls dances, reddit antinatalism, and Instagram butt-pics, should hide here in the fediverse.

    Smart people are here even if they have different political views, and they coexist sharing interesting information, because we are all running away from the cancer of centralised social networks.

    PROTIP: Anon should raid gab.com not Mastodon, Lemmy or any decentralised censor-resistant oasis in the desert of the modern internet censored by 6mil elves

    Attaching pic of the spurdo sparde to prove I am ancient wizard oldfg from anontalk and this place is not for antifa furry weebs.