For me, trying to respect boundaries tires me out more. idk why.

I struggled to respect boundaries as a child and early teenager. I think I still struggle to respect boundaries; but I am uncertain because I haven’t talked to an acquaintance in 7 months.

As a child and early teenager; I constantly hit on my female friends. (I don’t know why.)

  • I keep looking at people’s feet and it tires me. I don’t know if I developed a foot fetish; or it’s just a habitual behavior that I developed because I hate eye contact.

I know that ignoring boundaries can cause health problems long term.

My reasoning for this behavior:

  • I do get pressured by my parent to go to the store with them because, to me, they’re ~40 and may struggle to transport groceries.

  • After 8 years age, I used to be pressured to go to church; but that stopped when I became a teenager.

  • I only hungout with a friend at home once. Usually I only have acquaintances. Maybe I have less experience with friendship.

I think I feel pressured to go along with everything.