Don’t know if this goes here or in /AskLemmy, but just wanted to know the best FOSS social networks, why are there so good? What would be the propietary equivalent?

    -12 years ago

    I’ve never seen a FOSS forum with any hate speech - no even on ruqqus, which had loads of jerks.

    I do not like religion at all, because I am an atheist,female, and love animals and freedom: so I think they offend me more than vice-versa. If i went around saying I was in a group that revolted around a book that advocated violence, lying, stealing/invading, murder, rape, slavery, pedaphelia, and sexism (for fun, lets pretend its a rightwing book), i bet people would hate me. Why is it okay under the umbrella of religion? because its old? Is it only Jews and Islamists who are protected?
    I recently saw a video of a small segment of Hindus drinking cow piss for their health. If I drank cow piss (or my own piss) in public like they did, would I be excused without using religion as an excuse? Who says who is excused and why? Who is the arbiter of truth and justice? In some nonAbrahamic relgions, animals are still sacrificed in public. Are those religions exempt from your scrutiny, because they are a religion? And, how old does a religion have to be to be beyond criticism? Is Scientology too young?

    You want your own safe space, but I bet you think a man built like a linebacker should be able to use the ladies room as long as he is dressed like a female. But, wait - some women dress like men, so that gets confusing. Sometimes I dress like a man. Do I get to use the men’s room when i am dressed like a man when there is a mile-long line to the women’s room? Who gets to jedge whether my clothes are male enough, though? Must my hair also be male? But, what if I am gender-fluid and want to keep my hair longer for tomorrow when i’ll be female again? Some biological men wear their hair long, though, and wear earrings. So, where is the rule book that designates all of this?

    Do you see my point?

    • Jay Baker (he/they)
      12 years ago

      No not at all. You’ve presented bizarre examples in order to justify transphobia and Islamophobia. I can’t really help you.