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That’s because the more you toot, the better you feel!

No harm intended, sorry.

I guess I like that they at least express some commitment to the open source ethos. Self-hosting is of varying importance to many of us, but I’ve found it useful. Different strokes for different folks!

I’ve welcomed Singlelink, and have used them. Not all of us can rustle up “just a few lines of HTML+CSS”! I’ve found Singlelink to be a small project and probably way less corporate than Linktree and AllMyLinks et al. My only issue has been being unable to reset my password, unfortunately! 😆

Good point. It’s also really easy to bulletin similar information to, say, Mastodon, as it is their Twitter account! Plenty of other less tech-savvy organisations do this.

This is really comforting - especially as I’m a self-employed freelancer who has continually left traditional social media sites and moved more and more onto the Fediverse!

I’ve been using Proton Calendar since it became available, and have loved it. It keeps getting better and better. Whenever anyone asks me for a non-Google Calendar, I recommend this. I use /e/OS so haven’t used it via Google Play store either; I must have used either the /e/OS app store or Aurora - I can’t recall.

No idea! It’d be good to know, I agree!

Great! I should have probably said that eOS are selling the refurbed phones as Murena. The list of devices that eOS can go on is incredible, and there’s an “easy installer” that helps with the process for many. I’ve also found the system itself just so smooth and easy to use, with its own cloud service, on top of being deGoogled 🙂 Also privacy-focused and open source software - from a non-profit! 👍

I feel your pain! I switched to Murena from e.foundation so you can get a deGoogled refurb phone - or just install the eOS operating system on an older phone. Hope this helps or at least provides food for thought. https://e.foundation/

Wow. I feel like a fool - genuinely just started following Privacy Guides after buying into it as a “rebrand” of Privacy Tools. From this it becomes clear that this wasn’t the case. I had no idea, so thank you for sharing this.

It’s interesting. It’s not as apolitical as Gabriel Weinberg makes it sound (because everything is of course political, including opposing disinformation). I’m not sure how DuckDuckGo codify this approach - for example, as terrible as the disinformation from Russia is, what do DuckDuckGo plan to do about the disinformation in the West? Or does that not bother them? Honest questions, by the way; I’m not claiming to know all the answers 🙂

I find tosdr.org is a useful website to pick apart terms of service to find out what sites and services are actually doing with our data. (I just checked and Tidal is included on the site, not sure how helpful that is!)

What makes me laugh is the fact that many anti-Mozilla Foundation folks are pro-Brave. Yes: pro-Brendan Eich. We know what that means.

No not at all. You’ve presented bizarre examples in order to justify transphobia and Islamophobia. I can’t really help you.

I think there’s a difference between censorship and safe spaces if there are codes of conduct and everyone knows what they’re signing up for. With the current dominance of capitalism, neoliberalism, and the rising threat of the far right, I have no desire to spend my time online in areas where that’s merely reflected and regurgitated. In fact, the only reason I joined Lemmy was because I understood it to be leftist or anarchist friendly and I’m really utterly sick and tired of seeing FOSS forums infested with intolerance and hate speech. So the idea of a space where people can just ignore pronouns, or use transphobic, sexist, racist, ableist, antisemitic, Islamophobic language because to stop them is labeled “cancel culture” is quite abhorrent to me, though there are loads of such places online already existing and thriving. Telegram is full of white supremacist and bigoted channels and groups and the far right flow freely through corporate media, so if I can just for once not have to deal with that shit, that’d be nice. (Thanks Lemmy, keep up the good work)

I’m pansexual, nonbinary, vegan, and anarchist, and I think it’s really important for there to be safe spaces online where the Parler type perspective is not welcome; where bigotry and hatespeech is not welcome - I agree in the sense that there has to be a transparent code of conduct so that people know what they’re signing up for, and thankfully a heck of a lot of Fediverse instances offer that.