(The context is in organical computing.)

My Ideas

  • A custom heart simulator. (Maybe it could outlast the lifespan of the regular human heart.)
  • An improved autoimmune system with improved protection.
  • [Autism] Configurative wetware to modify sensory triggers; stims; and other characteristics of autism.
  • A memory cache for short-term memory.
  • Archival wetware for archiving memories.
  • @obbeel@lemmy.ml
    32 years ago

    Good topic to bring in. I was first introduced to this on Onimusha 3 - it’s been on the back of my mind since then. It’s fucked up for the current state of our world, but what’s not fucked up about it? So I think it’s worth talking about.

    Like having a living being that can do shit for us.

    I like the archiving one, it would be called “The Librarian”.

    • AmiceseOP
      22 years ago

      I agree! Discussion of new topics is important to make technological progress.

      I like the archival wetware idea too; it would allow memories to persist in elder age.

      I got some more wetware ideas too:

      • Wetware that simulates foreskin (growth).
      • Artificial sense generator. (Wetware that generates a sense.)