I was wondering what the point of lemmy was, if we can’t get a certain number of people, we won’t be able to thrive as a community and I don’t see lots of people joining even though it is an open-source and decentralised forum unlike reddit.

There are many obvious things lemmy could do better, should I make a report about it? I think we are lagging behind and not doing things which are obvious. A better GUI for mobile website would be one of the top suggestions I have. thoughs?

urte bat

Why? As long as there are sufficient people on the open platforms to interact with and it is just as socially accepted to tell someone to get an account on Mastodon etc. as it is for people to expect you to have a Facebook account right now, it doesn’t really matter that many people also still use these commercial platforms.

1urte bat

@poVoq For there to not be any social pressure to join closed media, it means that people should use the open ones at least at much. Otherwise, one would always be tempted to use more the closed media so as to gert faster replies from their friends, and progressively abandon them, cause more people to switch to more use of closed social media… So the closed media snowball eventually may get back its current position.

The obvious way to get to the desired state is to replace closed media screen with open one. Another solution, which I hadn’t considered is to just add open media screen time, thereby raising the total. But I don’t think that alternative is much desirable…

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