This post is for those coming over from /r/GenZedong who signed up on instead of, which is where the GenZedong community is located.

First of all, that’s perfectly fine and we’re happy to have you here! You still have full access to Lemmygrad’s communist communities, just like how Lemmygrad users have access to this instance’s communities, but for new users, finding a community on another instance might not immediately be intuitive, so I thought I’d direct link the community for convenience. – Use this link to access GenZedong from your account!

See also: What is Lemmy? What is Lemmygrad? What’s the difference?

  • krolden
    52 years ago

    I had to put it on the blocklist because it filled my Lemmy feed with a bunch of terrible memes. The reddit bridge was a mistake and tankies are cringe, even if they have a rare good take.