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He wants an overpopulation problem, more children for his factories.

Yeah, I just browsed all for the first time in a while, and its just lemmygrad. First post is about how Russia is “liberating” Ukraine. Literal fascists.

When do tankies have a good take?

Why do you need a VPN for Linux torrents? It’s not like you’re pirating Linux.

They’re not privacy focused if they track you in the first place.

Protonmail only has e2e if you email another protonmail email. It’s impossible to have it across domains, if you actually care about security just use pgp.

Thanks, i’ll look into wikiless.

Gitlab, I would say isn’t much better.

This is my first ever article, so I would appreciate any feedback or criticism.

What country has the best online privacy laws?
I've found a lot saying switzerland, what about finland? Neither of those countries are in the 14 eyes.

Wow, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

Free software wifi adapter
Hi, I am looking for a usb and/or pcie adapter that will work with gnu/linux-libre & bsds out of the box. I found this, https://www.thinkpenguin.com/gnu-linux/penguin-wireless-n-usb-adapter-gnu-linux-tpe-n150usb. Does anyone have any other recommendations? Thanks!

How practical is hosting my own email server at home?
I was wondering how practical it would be to run my own email server at home, I've set up servers before and know how to forward ports and such. Would it be possible to do it on an rpi 4 and do you guys have recommendations on any free software for setting up an email server. Thanks!

I made a new community for discussion of unix, unix-like, and unix-based operating systems.