I found out about Lemmy through browsing the /r/linux wiki.

I usually move on as my ADHD body doesn’t feel like setting up an account on a new social media (due to executive dysfunction); but I randomly decided to sign up.

Signing up for a new platform wasn’t as bad as I thought it would. I may just need to get used to making new accounts on foreign platforms.

Using Lemmy wasn’t as bad as I thought. It’s somewhat stable and it doesn’t seem all that bad to use an unpopular social media; the lack of an echo chamber (as a result of federation) is annoying for me to deal with, because I’m not used to it; but it’s good for getting more perspectives.

  • I like the Active sort; it promotes discussion better than new.
  • Federation is a nice aspect.
  • Lack of hypocrisy.
  • Full markdown is supported!
    • SVG can be posted through <svg>. It’s impossible to post SVG on Reddit.
  • No Ad(vertisement)s by default.
  • No predatory purchases.
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