• @Zerush@lemmy.ml
    2 years ago

    I use most Andisearch (AI driven, own search engine), apart also MetaGer, some public instances of Whoogle , Peekier and Lilo, apart from some específic ones (f.Exmpl.Pixabay for the Imagesearch, Piped for Videos, CCsearch, WolframAlpha, Wiki, etc.). For an exhaustive search, depending on the subject, it is necessary to use several search engines, since the results depend a lot on the different indexes. I have also tried some metasearch engines, which include different engines, but the APIs they use from others are usually very limited, as in the case of SearX, which apart from showing little stability. The only one I have stayed with is the German metasearch engine MetaGer, which is quite stable and shows good results. All the mentioned are strictly private, without ads and tracking. You can find the most exhaustive list of search engines here, with corresponding codes to use them in the browser.