Is there anything similar to a QR code that works offline?

Say I have a flyer that I want to discreetly distribute and there is no internet.

Is there something like a QR code that contains the data itself and not just a URL?

This way someone with no data plan could scan the icon/code with an app and the unrecognizable bits and bytes from the icon/code would show up on their screen as a .JPEG of a flyer or something.

3urte bat

I agreed a priori, which, as you probably guessed, is exactly why I put that parenthesis 😀 But I think in practice the starting point already is too complex. For example, I opened inkscape and saved the empty image, the result is already more than 1KB. Similarly, Lemmy’s very simple logo is already 3KB.

SVGs can be minified after edition, but of course nothing will beat hand-crafted SVGs

1urte bat

Thanks for the clarification ! This indeed makes the code readable, although way more complex than the original logo. Also, not everyone has an app able to read that svg on their smartphone

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