My opinion is that sex work should be legal. It would enable involuntary virgins to get a good sex experience for payment; they will be guaranteed a good sex experience with a sex worker: no harassment, good education, and a fun time.

Sex work gets shamed by people puritans because of payment for sex and it’s “sinful”; yet these same persons puritans get and have sex for free out of “passion” or marriage; they also discriminate against minorities in sec.

EDIT: Apparently there is an implied difference between sex work and prostitution. I mean sex work.

EDIT 2: I messed up the writing of my post. My real opinion is located in this comment:

Oof. I didn’t realize there was way more exploitation than just sex traffickers. It totally makes sense though; sex trades are a product of capitalist exploitation and the existence of private property. (Naturally under communism, the prevalence of sex trades would be heavily reduced.)

It seems like I couldn’t communicate my ideas properly beforehand. I don’t want people in the sex trade to be criminalized; I want pimps and johns to be criminalized.

Only a few hours ago: I wanted to support a sex trade industry that didn’t involve rapes or rely on economic coercion. I just wanted disabled people, who keep getting discriminated out of sex,[1][2][3] to be able to feel better about their lives; a lack of sex can cause mental health issues in some people (even though this shouldn’t happen). (However, having sex probably won’t fix the issue, it will just hide the problems until later). Now I feel like shit…

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    • comfy
      22 years ago

      Do you want to explain what in particular is different in a way that detracts from their point? There are a bunch of possible reasons and it’s not clear which you’re implying.

    • Torrid
      22 years ago

      different, yes, but it doesn’t make the person doing the work any lesser or greater than a person doing some other kind of work.

      a sex worker may not even run the risk of bodily harm depending on their situation, whereas it’s almost guaranteed that a roofer will.

      I’m mostly making the comparison because saying things like “dirty money” and implying that sex work is more bodily abuse than any other type of hard labour is a bit naive. Each job takes something away from you. Sex work isn’t any lesser or greater than other types of work because it involves sex. The real shame is when a person is being forced or endangered to do their job in any situation.

      A lot of comments that are against sex workers are based on their own personal feelings about sex and why it makes the person doing that work lesser than others. I’m making the roofer comparison because sex work is a very real thing that some people do.

      It’s a service that other people pay for, and not exclusively “evil” or bad people. The vilification of the work itself, instead of those who endanger the workers, is ridiculous. That’s all I’m saying