I didn’t brush my teeth as a child and teen because I had energy issues and I struggled to actually do them; I still struggle to do it today.

I rarely floss because it seems like a lot of work for seemingly little gains.

I got plaque again after getting teeth cleaned some weeks ago. I guess my teeth is screwed…

1urte bat

What do you mean by

energy issues

lethargic or hyperactive? If is about lethargic you should address your mental health hard to improve your mood. If its hypeactive, the same advise but focus more on organization and priorities. Like others have suggested floss while doing other things like on the computer or watching TV. Use any tools that help you keep you productive like Calendar, Task apps and its reminders, alarms, Notes app and, use the widgets on the Phone HomeScreen.

On the oral hygiene topic I’ll say if you can, buy an electric tooth brush. You can buy a good one for less than $50 on ebay. I also notice that using a regular floss was tedious until I tried a better one like ‘Listerine Ultraclean Mint Floss’. Regarding Mouthwashs there a various types of it. Try which one you really like the most and that will help you use it more often.

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